WACKNESS : 3PAC “Rich White Man Mark Cuban” (Video)

Damn, this shit is so horrible…lmao…someone please punch this dude in the face!!!

Hack Club (Blackie Sack Ep. 20)

What happens first is you can’t sleep. What happens then is there’s a hacky sack in your hand. And what happens next is you meet Leon Sugarfoot. Let me tell you about Leon. He had a plan. In Leon we trusted. Leon says the things you own, end up owning you. It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything. Hack Club represents that kind of freedom. #BlackieSack #HackClub #HackLife

Nas : Biggie Said ‘You Finally Got That Monkey Off Your Back’ When ‘It Was Written’ Went Platinum

Illmatic wasn’t the only great rap album to drop in 1994 (in fact, we highlighted 49 dope discs that dropped the same year). But Nas’ classic album was most closely matched by his friend Biggie Small’s debut Ready To Die, which was released five months later and quickly dwarfed Illmatic’s modest sales with platinum-plus numbers. Needless to say, the pressure was on for the Queensbridge poet to make a major mark commercially.

In this sit-down interview with VIBE, Nas speaks about how Ready to Die helped him realize rap’s endless possibilities, the pressure to sell a million records and—in the words of The Notorious One, himself—how he “got the monkey off his back” when finally went 3x platinum with It Was Written. —John Kennedy

MEMORY LANE: Nas Remembers “Illmatic” Moments With Faith Newman (Part 5 of 5)

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the hip-hop classic Illmatic, we reunited Nasty Nas and Faith Newman, the A&R rep for his debut album. In the final episode of this five-part series Nas talks about the opening interlude on this 9-track masterpiece, an evocative audio montage known as “The Genesis,” and Faith asks him to return her VHS copy of Wild Style.

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Tracy Morgan on Juan Epstein


Finally our biological father Tracy Morgan came by to do Juan Epstein. He was in rare form. I mean what more has to be said? His new special airs Sunday night on Comedy Central at 10 pm and uncensored at 1 am.

Vine Comp Of The Week Pt. 62


DunkXchange Sacramento Recap

Here’s a video recap of the Sac Towns first ever Xchange!

“THE SMALLS FAMILY” Episode’s 1-6

Episode 1 features the song “Warning”. Take the music of The Notorious B.I.G. and mix it with a middle class white family and here you have “The Smalls Family”. HILARIOUS!

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Vado ft. Chinx x Prodigy “Zoo Muzik”


2 thumbs up…Chinx is usually hit or miss with me, but he did ight on this one.

NBA Uncensored Trash Talk Ep 16!


50 Cent Faces Off with The HOT97 Morning Show

50 interviews are always entertaining!

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Sole Access: Inside the Sacramento Kings’ Locker Rooms (Part 1)

On the last day of the 2013-2014 NBA season, we share with you the third installment of our Sole Access series. We saw Spurs equipment manager Travis Wade take us inside each player’s locker at the AT&T Center, in addition to the practice facility in January, and had Lakers equipment manager Carlos Maples walk us through the lockers of Nick Young and Kendall Marshall earlier this month. In today’s episode, Dwayne Wilson, the most tenured equipment manager in the NBA, gives us an exclusive tour inside the locker room, equipment room and weight room of the Sacramento Kings. Check out these walkthroughs, the sneaker-filled lockers of DeMarcus Cousins, Derrick Williams and Rudy Gay, plus more behind-the-scenes info from Wilson about his day-to-day duties over the years.

Vine Comp Of The Week Pt. 61


How to Make Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs | Just Add Sugar

It just doesn’t feel like Easter until we’ve devoured at least one shockingly sweet, gooey-centered Cadbury Creme Egg. That said, they can be a bit saccharine. The solution is simple: make a homemade batch using slightly bitter dark chocolate for the shell (it’ll balance out the sugary filling). Watch the video to learn the secrets to re-creating this iconic Easter nibble, and then impress your friends by making a batch.



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