Jay Electronica “Road to Perdition”


Please don’t be fooled Hov is NOT on this record…but this shit is dope…Elec is nice as hell with the bars, I wish we would get a damn project from him already.

A “Sneak Peek” Inside Sneaker Grandpa’s Shoe Rooms

In today’s Episode 5 of Sneak Peek Season 6, we put the spotlight on Mr. Patrick Dempsey, better known as Sneaker Grandpa on social media. The Austin, Texas native takes pride in collecting quality shoes of all brands that are comprised of top-of-the-line materials, but what’s specific about his collection is the unmatched amount of collaborative kicks that he owns.

Bobby Shmurda says his Uncle is a liar and needs 50 Cent to manage him

Booby Shmurda calls back to Ebro In The Morning and talks about being in jail, clears up rumors about his “Uncle” and how has been supporting him and who has not been.

Ebro pisses off 50 Cent.. Talks new EP + baby mamas advice!

Should be an interesting interview…

Not Afraid: The Shady Records Story Ft. Eminem, 50 Cent, & Dr. Dre

Eminem, Paul Rosenberg, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent all reflect on how Shady Records became one of the most dominant labels of the 2000s.

Action Bronson – The Making Of Baby Blue

reel to reel tapes and creating music in the studio with producers! something most of you rappers have no idea about!

Action Bronson interview with Torae on the Tor Guide

Action Bronson visited the Tor Guide w/@Torae where the topic of race was explored. Check out this clip where Torae asked him if he’s hot just because White. Action Bronson’s answer will surprise you!

Action Bronson lets loose on ESPN’s HQ

GoPro: On the Ice with P.K. Subban

Step ‘On the Ice’ with P.K. Subban as he shows you first hand the amount of speed and physicality needed to compete in the National Hockey League.

Dame Dash Uncut: Interview with Sway

This morning we had a legend in the building. Dame Dash. Formerly Jay-Z’s manager and business partner at Roc-a-Fella Records, heavy-hitter entrepreneur and fearless businessman.

Before joining us in-studio, Dame Dash told Sway “ask me anything you’re curious about.” Staying true to his statement, Dash gave a candid and uncensored interview, clarifying rumors, giving insight and even dropping gems.

At the 8:42 mark, Dash makes it clear about his feelings toward American actor, film producer, and director, Lee Daniels. Telling us that he “owes” Dash $2 Million. And also opens up about Kanye West (23:24), dropping him from his label years ago and why they should team up with his current endeavors.

What about his current relationship with Jay Z? At the 54:30 mark, he fills us in on where they stand.

Continuing to clarify the “beef” between Dash and Jim Jones (32:52 mark) — and even between him and Beanie Siegle (46:44) — he gives us some new insight and challenges us pursue “their” side of the story.

Moving forward, Dash does what seldom have ever done — call Sway out for wearing his hats! Watch below as he questions Sway’s motives, drops game and opens up about his family and friends (1:03:32 mark.)

Jeremy Guthrie Talks MLB Sneakerheads, Contributions to His Collection and More | Exclusive Pt. 2

Following yesterday’s Part 1, George Kiel III chats with Kansas City Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie about his MLB peers that have contributed to his collection over the years. Guthrie also reveals who he thinks will succeed him as one of the most well-known sneakerheads in the Major Leagues.

Who’s Everyone in the Credits of Kanye West’s “All Day”?

WOW…thats a lot of fuckin people to work on one damn song!

Student Union Mixtape Series Vol. 1- Studio Sessions Side A

Student Union Mixtape Series Vol. 1
Starring DJ Wayne Ski & DJ Run P.
Featuring Guttamillz
Executive Producers: Vega Benetton, Qiana Rosado, Despo & Dan The Man
Filmed/Edited By: Swiph

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron (Trailer 3)

Looks pretty damn AWESOME!!!

Shouts to Bloggy Brown for this one!


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