Not mad at this dude…word!

Nardwuar vs. Ab-Soul


I just like the hook…but yo, when did “image” go out the window for singers…lol…look at this pudgy dude…lmao

Skyzoo x Torae “Memorabilia” (Video)

Dawn of Def Jam: Rick Rubin Returns to His NYU Dorm Room

Def Jam was started 30 years ago in Rick Rubin’s NYU dorm room. Watch him go back to the place where it all began for the very first time.

Designing the Album Art for Jay Z and No Age – Noisey Design (Episode 2)

Brian Roettinger is a grammy-nominated designer & Rolling Stone’s Album Designer of the Year (2009), whose unconventional approach to album art has garnered recent attention. He’s worked with modern musicians like Jay Z & Beach House.

Sole Access: Inside the Portland Trailblazers Locker Room

We kick off our 2014 Kicks On Court Diaries series with the return of our Sole Access segment. In today’s episode, Brant Helms, the Portland Trail Blazers equipment manager, gives us an exclusive tour inside the team’s garage locker room and equipment room full of sneakers. Check out these sneaker-filled lockers of LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard plus Helms’ perspective of preparing for an NBA season.

Taste of Soul – Blackie Sack Ep. 24

Leon Sugarfoot, Ni**a and the Hacky Sack Millionaires attend “Taste of Soul” on Crenshaw Blvd! Despite his diabetes, Leon tempts faint by stuffing his face w/ all the fried catfish and kettle corn he can get his hands on! Meanwhile, Nigga drapes himself in a magical fur coat that imbues him with piss-poor rap lyrics and transforms him into hip hop artist Pops Balloon! And keep your eyes peeled for cameos from Leon’s pimp guardian angel and his fam Uncle Ice Cream! All this and more on this week’s episode of “Blackie Sack!” #BlackieSack #HSM4LIFE #PopsBalloon #UncleIceCream #PimpGuardianAngel

DJ Green Lantern x Wu-Tang “C.R.E.A.M” (Remix)

So the homie Green decided to flip the original C.R.E.A.M. sample that Rza used and sprinkled his EDM magic into it!

Vine Comp Of The Week Part 81!


Funkmaster Flex Interview with Juan Epstein

FINALLY! 2 hours with Funk Flex live from Gallapagos in Brooklyn. Flex gives his entire history including how he came up, met and idolized Red Alert, made it to Hot 97 and much more. He even has some kind words for Dame Dash, explains his semi rocky relationship with Jay-Z, and tells an amazing story about begging Puff to put him on back in the day! WHAT?!


THESE videos are the BEST!!!

NBA Uncensored Trash Talk Ep 17!


A Look Inside Nas: Time Is Illmatic

Hennessy presents an inside look with filmmakers One9 and Erik Parker on their 10-year-journey to make NAS: TIME IS ILLMATIC.

XXL’s G-Unit Documentary (Parts 1 & 2)

continue reading for part 2!
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