Krispy Kreme & Money Maker Mike “Haters Wanna Be Me” (Video)


shouts to my brova Goooooooooooooooooooooolden for this one!

WACKNESS : Kreayshawn featuring 2 Chainz “Breakfast (Syrup)” (Video)

2 Chainz part is OK…but otherwise…this shit is HORRIBLE!!!

Krispy Kreme “The Baddest” (Video)


wait is he serious? naaaaah he can’t be serious right?

Bangs “Take U Shopping” (VIDEO)


Soulja Boy “SSS “Stupid Song Swag” (Video)

this is the worst piece of shit song ever!!!

Lil B “Got The Mack Loaded” (Video)

this guy is the WORST rapper EVER!!!! and i truly HATE his music, and if you like his music just leave my website and never come back!!! lmao!

New Wack Shit : Silkk The Shocker “Fast Livin” (Video)

this guy still can’t catch the beat? smh…HORRIBLE!!!

A. Samuels “Livin De Life” (Video)


wtf is this guy doing? lmao!!!
and did the dude at the end of the video just totally play him? totally! lmao

shouts to allDAyVID! for this!

New WACK SHIT!!! Lil B “Bill Bellamy” VIDEO

wtf!!!!!!! this shit is fuckin TERRIBLE!!!!!! someone beat him up! lol

Chet Haze “Another Chance” VIDEO

New WACK SHIT!!! Soulja Boy “Wit My Playa” VIDEO

this shit gotta stop…i mean really….this shit is so fuckin terrible….smh

New Wack Shit!!! Lil B “Charlie Sheen” VIDEO

OMG this guy fuckin SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!


two words…FUCK YOU….lmao….this sucks….your wack….wow,I’m sorry B.Gold,maybe your a super Jordan and Lo head,and i feel you on that,pause,but this logo is just dumb…ugly…and disrespectful to yourself and the 2 company’s.
you made one shitty logo…terrible….lmao…no bueno

NEW WACK SHIT! Bow Wow Feat Soulja Boy “Get Money”

these guys are such shitty rappers…i hate them both…yup,i said HATE…i hate you guys…lol

DICKHEAD:Gucci Mane Gets Ice Cream Cone FACE Tattoo…with lightning bolt…LMAO

ight so this is definitely the worst tattoo ever,and hes a lame…thats basics…but what makes this really reallllly bad is the red lightning bolt and how badly out of place it is with this ice cream cone,like wtf is that? the bolt goes thru the top and comes out the side on the ill angle…lmao…this guy is EXACTLY what is wrong in our music business…smh….BRRR! lol