Worst Rapper Ever!!!


Shouts to AllDayVid for this one!!!

Lets see how quick WSHH jacks this one from me! LAMES!

WACKNESS : 3PAC “Rich White Man Mark Cuban” (Video)

Damn, this shit is so horrible…lmao…someone please punch this dude in the face!!!

Best Rapper Alive…Hands Down!!!


Shouts to Bloggy Brown for this one!

The WORST “Drunk In Love” Cover EVER!

This dude is the worst!!! LMAO!!!

The WORST artist EVER!!!

this shit is so bad that it’s hilarious!!!

Shitty Rap Music Video Of The Week

shit looks like he filmed it with the first camera phone…lmao!

NEW WACK SHIT!!! Soulja Boy “I’m On Now” (Video)

Seriously, my mom is better than this guy at rapping…smh.

Chief Keef “Love No Thotties” (Video)

Seriously this guy might be worse than Souljah Boy….holy shit…he is the WORST!!! WTF is he saying? Is this rap? Talking off beat is rapping now? If you like this you are DUMB!!!

NEW WACK SHIT!!! Chief Keef “Ain’t Done Turnin Up”

This might just be the worst song in rap history…smh!

Seriously how does this guy have a deal??? WTF!!!

Dj Khaled “No New Friends” (The Movie)

Wow…I can’t believe I just wasted 9 minutes of my life on this crap…Khaled is the worst actor ever!!!

And wait a minute…Didn’t you JUST sign Vado? Isn’t that a New Friend?


this dude should have to drink a bucket of Ewings sweat for disrespecting him with this bullshit!

Ur Boy Bangz “Make U My Girl” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


The WORST SONG EVER!!! Gnesa “Wilder” (Video)

HOLY SHIT she is terrible!!! LMAO!!!

somebody shoot me!!!

RiFF RAFF “RABiES” (Video)

this guy is so fuckin wack!!! Why do ALC and Action fuck with him???

Riak “How You Want Me To” (Video)

This guy got Bangs sounding like Hov!

Krispy Kreme & Money Maker Mike “Haters Wanna Be Me” (Video)


shouts to my brova Goooooooooooooooooooooolden for this one!

WACKNESS : Kreayshawn featuring 2 Chainz “Breakfast (Syrup)” (Video)

2 Chainz part is OK…but otherwise…this shit is HORRIBLE!!!

Krispy Kreme “The Baddest” (Video)


wait is he serious? naaaaah he can’t be serious right?

Bangs “Take U Shopping” (VIDEO)


Soulja Boy “SSS “Stupid Song Swag” (Video)

this is the worst piece of shit song ever!!!

Lil B “Got The Mack Loaded” (Video)

this guy is the WORST rapper EVER!!!! and i truly HATE his music, and if you like his music just leave my website and never come back!!! lmao!

New Wack Shit : Silkk The Shocker “Fast Livin” (Video)

this guy still can’t catch the beat? smh…HORRIBLE!!!

A. Samuels “Livin De Life” (Video)


wtf is this guy doing? lmao!!!
and did the dude at the end of the video just totally play him? totally! lmao

shouts to allDAyVID! for this!

New WACK SHIT!!! Lil B “Bill Bellamy” VIDEO

wtf!!!!!!! this shit is fuckin TERRIBLE!!!!!! someone beat him up! lol