Throwback Music

Tonight’s Mood : Nas “Splittin Phillies”

i loved when Clue put out a new mixtape and a Nas freestyle set it off…those were the days!!!

Tonight’s Mood : “Worst Comes To Worst” Dilated Peoples

my shittttttt!

Fuckin Awesome! Mobb Deep “Shook Ones Pt II” original sample!

if your a hiphop fan you’ll appreciate this

fuckin awesome!

Today’s Mood : Ghostface Killah “The Forest”

“we out!!!”

Tonight’s Mood : Redman “Can’t Wait” VIDEO

shouts to the Bricks!!!! all my 19th street gangsters! S.O.M.!

Mr.Cee’s Old School At Noon set from 2day

So incase your not familiar,there are rumors of Cee getting arrested for Lewd Conduct,with a man.
I’m not saying it is true…or false…just reporting on it. IF it is true,then who really cares if that is his sexual preference. He’s still the man to me,and If it wasn’t for him we might have never known who BIG was…Salute Mr.Cee!

Click HERE to download the set if you like

thanks to Miss info for the download link!

FuckItWhyNot? : Mobb Deep “Win Or Lose”

Dog Shit has inspired me to listen to nuttin but the M-O-Double-B for the remainder of the day

Today’s Mood : Jay-Z “Feelin It”

BIG shouts to the homie Sheila B. who inspired 2day’s mood….
you’ll be hearing more from her in the near future here! stay tuned!

Today’s Mood : Gang Starr “Moment Of Truth”

R.I.P. Guru

Today’s Mood : Tragedy Khadafi ft. Nas & Noreaga “Calm Down”

“muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUuUUsic make this thuuuuuuug, caaaaaaaaaalm doOOooOOwn”

Today’s Mood : Smif N Wessun (feat. BCC) “Cession At Da Doghillee”

one of my favorites from this CLAAAAAAAAASSIC album!


Tonight’s Mood : Nas “Hate Me Now” feat Puff

Todays Mood : Mobb Deep “Temperature’s Rising”


Happy St. Patty’s Day! House Of Pain “Jump Around” VIDEO

Tonights Mood : B.I.G. “Road to Riches (Real Ni**as Do Real Things)”

only the real need apply