Random Shit

Martin Garrix “Animals” (Video)

Yea i know this isn’t the “norm” for my site…but as of late i have been listening to some EDM and Trap shit…I know this isn’t new…but its my shit…especially at 1:30! And the video is funny..lol

Introducing the New $100 Bill

Uh..ok…so I guess this one is harder than the last one to counterfeit.

10 more amazing bets you will always win

that match one is awesome

5 people play same guitar!

well not really…but yea…fuckin dope

David Chappelle is diesel!

pause…but homie got buff! lol

J.Cole Album Title and Release Date

bout damn time he got a date…this album better live up to the hype!
I’m a fan,so I think it will be dope…but if not…maaaaaaaaaaan listen! lol….cmon coley cole!

Tom Hanks Addresses the Yale Class of 2011

long…pause…but a funny watch…especially if your a Hanks fan

congrats to all the 2011 graduates!

NYC Dining Car

interesting…yet dumb…lol

shouts to the infamous Bloggy Brown for this one!

Jay-Z And Beyonce in Paris

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I only posted this because it’s hilarious when the fan says beyonce is beautiful…lmao

The Easter Bunny escapes death!

5 UFOs Fly Over Military Base In Hawaii

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more internet fuckery here,i don’t believe this video for a second

White Girl spittin Busta Rhymes “Look At Me Now” verse

nice job!

90 square foot apt. in NYC for $700

I think i could…maybe…but the bed wouldn’t work…
how do u have enjoyable sex in a bed with no room to sit up?

Drake “Old Money” Skit At The Juno Awards

should be called JewMoney

Snoop Dogg Gets A Tattoo In Honor Of Nate Dogg

R.I.P. Nate D-O Double G

White Girl Flocka Flames

she’s a cutie…makes me like the song better

Abbey Road Street Sign

All 61 Ads from Super Bowl 2011 in 2 Minutes

most of them sucked…captain america looks dope,thor,transformers3,but other than that,most of them were wack commercials

Happy Black History Month : Black Inventors from the 1800’s to now

most of us have seen this before,but In honor of this month a friend sent it over and I wanted to post it.

Champagne, Sex and Music DVD now available!

click dvd to purchase!

shouts to the homie Booz Bizzle!

Damon Dash + HP MagCloud = America Nu Magazine

The Bum’s first Voice Over spot

you all know the Bum by now who’s famous for his golden voice,well here’s his first tv spot!
Nice Job Teddy!

Digital Death

Today is World AIDS Day,So all these famous people won’t tweet until $1 mil is raised for AIDS.

great and dumb idea…i mean why point out death to raise money for a virus that kills?

i dunno…just sayin…but not mad at the people for being involved

Illest bike lock EVER

thats ill