“The Pre-Game Show” With Vega Benetton & Q (2nite from 6-8)

The Pre-Game Show Flyer 1(BT)
Tonight, Aktain Of Unusual Genes Clothing Will Be Sitting In As A Special Guest Co-Host! Click HERE to listen!

The Hot97 Morning Show (2-27-14)

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Full show minus the music and commercials!

The Combat Jack Show with Lord Jamar


Lord Jamar talks Brand Nubian, the role that Grand Puba played and how the Nubians were able to create the classic ‘In God We Trust’ album. We also talk 5 Percenter history and where the nation is in 2014. Finally we tackle his controversial views on gays and whites in hip hop. It ain’t pretty and this is an official disclaimer that Lord Jamar’s views aren’t shared by The Combat Jack Show.

The Hot 97 Morning Show (2-13-14)

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Full show minus the music and commercials!

The Combat Jack Show with Tech N9ne


Strange Music boss chopped it up about being drug free for 8 years, his relationship with Kendrick Lamar and T.D.E., his upcoming Independent Grind Tour, how he almost became a dance for MC Hammer, his relationship with Tupac, Lil Wayne, ghosts, witches, God and more. Learn and sizzle #Fuckybergs.

STAR [Live & Direct] 2/10/14 (Part one)

I haven’t posted this dude in a while…but, why not…like really!

The Hot97 Morning Show (2/6/14)

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Here’s the full show minus music and commercials!

Maffew Ragazino Tonight On “The Pre-Game Show” With Vega Benetton & Q

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The Hot97 Morning Show (1/24/14)

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Here is 2day’s morning show, minus the music and commercials!

The Hot97 Morning Show (1/23/14)

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Here is audio of 2day’s show, minus all the music and commercials!

Hot97 Morn Show Podcast (Full Show/Minus The Music)

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I dont really enjoy mainstream radio because they play the same 5 songs all day, but the Hot97 Morning show, minus the music, is cool to check out…so here it is thanks to Peter Rosenberg and his SoundCloud page!

The Hot97 Morning Show (Full Show/Minus the Music)

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So this is a great idea, starting 2day, Peter will be serving up The Hot97 Morning Show, in its entirety, minus the music, via his SoundCloud Page. So here is 2day’s show! Featuring Coco!

TROI TORAIN “Live And Direct” (12/19/13)

STAR talks Lamar Odom losing Khloé Kardashian, Dame Dash trying to denounce the term Hip Hop mogul, the best and worst types of Kush (Cannabis) and his new Hip-Hop Shopping Network.

Pusha T On The Juan Epstein Podcast


Always a good interview with the homies Juan Epstein!

The Star And Bucwild Show (8/28/13)

STAR talks Miley Cyrus gone crazy at the VMA’s, the legalization of marijuana in America, concern for Lamar Odem’s possible drug addiction, YouTube’s new copyright restrictions and Snoop Dogg talking reckless in NY again.

Star And Bucwild Show (8/20/13)

STAR talks about the synthetic marijuana K2 and Spice, actor Lee Thompson’s strange and possibly gay suicide, singer Raz B’s coma hoax in China and Russell Simmons getting pressured on the Internet.

The Star And Bucwild Show (7/25/13)

STAR talks being dissed by artist Consequence in a new song, Travon Martins father (Tracy) now moving with black bible hustlers, believing Lamar Odom’s alleged jump-off is credible and the now popular loser (Orlando Shaw) with 22 kids.

The Star And Bucwild (7/22/13)

STAR talks parents who blast profane music with kids in the car, Dwyane Wades X-wife sounding angry and crazy, Soulja Boy’s crew allegedly beating up a fan and Jay Z’s new CD MCHG and its street reception.

The Star And Bucwild Show (7/19/13)

STAR talks Marc Anthony being hated on by MLB fans, Rolling Stone magazine trying to create a rock star image for the Boston bomber and more promotion being needed for black suffering (slavery) in America.

The Star And Bucwild Show (7/17/13)

The Star And Bucwild Show (7/10/13)

STAR goes in on former Los Angeles Laker Dwight Howard, NY schools rejecting Michelle Obama’s healthy food program and the new Superman movie being quality bullsh*t.

The Star And Bucwild Show (7/9/13)

Bishop Nehru Freestyle On Toca Tuesdays

#845’s very own drops some bars for the homie Tony Touch!

Again, I’m not saying this because he is from my town…But this kid is dope…and to me, he’s a better version of Joey Badass…I hate to compare the 2…but they have a similar sound, I just think Bishop is a more polished rapper who doesn’t scream and yell on the mic like Joey is starting to do now.

The Star And Bucwild Show (7/5/13)

STAR talks Monifah from R & B Divas always being a D lister, Lyfe Jennings (convicted Arsonist) getting a reality show, the savages in Chicago going crazy and interview with Boston artist Wally Sparks.