Ebro talks to Newark Mayoral Candidate Shavar Jeffries

Shavar Jeffries talks about his childhood, 15 years of service and his plans for the city of Newark.

Rep. Michael Grimm Threatens Reporter After State Of The Union

What a fuckin piece of shit!!!
Click HERE to read the NYTimes article about this mess as well!

Shouts to Dru Ha for this one!

Rob Ford Admits to Drinking After New Jamaican Video Surfaces

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to drinking alcohol Monday night, after a YouTube video appeared today showing him at a restaurant swearing, mumbling and speaking in Jamaican patois.

Below is the video.


Reporter Asks Press Secretary About Jay-Z’s “Open Letter”

Ok so Jay didn’t get clearance from Obama…what rapper doesn’t lie? lol

spotted at NahRight

Wealth Inequality in America

Damn rich people are really really rich…smh…They should have to give the people money…there is so much fuckin money in the world, there is no reason anyone should be homeless and hungry…fuckin bs

Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.

Chris Rock : Message for White Voters



Yes this is actually Snoop Dogg’s hand written list!

Occupy Times Square : 1 Marine vs. 30 Cops

fight the power!

“How They Fake Terrorism” : Short Documentary

things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm

shouts to the homie A-Mafia who posted this on twitter

Monumental 5 Press Conference

Shouts to everyone who was there that night…
I’m thankful that I was not injured during the madness.
man I hope they get the charges dropped and the police get charged!

John Stewart wins poll against Bill O’Reilly on O’Reilly’s website!!!

Bill O’Reilly vs Jon Stewart over Common at White House

Billy is such a fuckin jerk off

Bill O’Reilly Gets Whoopi Goldberg and & Joy Behar to Walk Off The View

this guy O’Reilly said “listen to me because you’ll learn” .
which really meant “bitch stfu and your dumb ass might learn something”
lmao…what a dickhead

Dragnet 2010 staring Obama

lol…shouts to my pops for sending me this one!

Jay-Z & Warren Buffett on the cover of the Forbes 400 Issue

Seaswarm…The Way To Clean Up The Oil in the Gulf!!!

thats awesome,they need to do a test run in the gulf and make this happen ASAP!

NY denies Jay-Z permit to perform atop Ed Sullivan theater

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Obama’s Signature

Barack Obama Promises $100 MILLION In Aid To Help Haiti

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Obama "kanye’s a jackass"

damn i hope Kanye “emotional” West doesn’t kill himself over this one…Must suck to have the president call u a jackass

Obama Throws out 1st pitch!

At 2nite’s MLB AllStar Game in St.Louis

1st inning AL leads 2-0

North Korea Threatens To Wipe Out The U.S.

Footage of everyone and Barack

Beyonce,Mary J,John Legend,Queen Latifah,Jimmy Henchman(how did he get up there?)

Mad Magazine’s "Obama’s first 100 Minutes"

Minutes 1-2: Round up Michelle and kids, give finger to Bush and Cheney, head to Oval Office

Minute 3: Remove stupid flag pin from lapel

Minutes 10-13: Sneak out to Rose Garden for a quick smoke

Minute 25: Go on Facebook; put out a friend request to Ahmadinejad (with no preconditions)

Minute 26: Remind Biden to “shut his f*#king cakehole”

Minutes 45-48: Sneak out to Rose Garden for a quick smoke

Minutes 65-67: Delete “private” Scarlett Johansson photos before surrendering Blackberry to Secret Service

Minutes 91-99: Do a little blow