Music Videos

French Montana x Chinx x N.O.R.E. “Off The Rip”

R.I.P. Chinx

Dj Spinking “Cash Rules” Feat. Chinx & Zack

Fabolous “Awwright” (Video)

Tom Blizzy “Everything Was The Same” Freestyle (Video)

New visuals from the fam Blizzy! #845

Shouts to the homie Schmirk who shot the video!

And a big shout to the fam Pee44 and Armz!

Click HERE to check out his latest mixtape!

The Rapfest | Series 9 | The LOX (Produced by DJ Uneek)

The wait is finally over! The Rapfest has returned with the 9th installment of Hip Hop’s hottest cipher series. The Rapfest has definitely shown and proved to be one of the masterminds behind the advancement of the culture and within these ciphers, vicariously lives the true origins of Hip Hop. For the 9th edition, they decided to take things to a whole new level.

Meek Mill “Monster” (Video)


I can’t wait for Meek’s new album!

Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj’s “Feeling Myself” (Video)

This song and video are dope…these two Queens need to do a project together and shut down the industry!

continue reading to watch the video!

Vado x Manolo Rose “Check N Cash”

Damn how have I never heard this song? this shit go hard! repeat in the coupe!

French Montana “Hold On” (Video)

New visuals from French off his “Casino Life 2” Mixtape that drops in less than an hour!

This shit is dope! Haaaaaaaaaaaan!

Katakresis “Pulse” Visual by Cutsdatflo

New visual done by the fam Ant!

Rayven Justice feat. Chinx x Uncle Murda “Don’t Trust ‘Em”

Yea so I have no idea who Rayven is, but he sounds ight…and you know I fux with Murda! Chinx is ok on this, but this would have been a DOPE Murda record if he had 2 verses and Ray just did the hook…either way I like it!

Fabolous Ft. Tish Hyman “You Made Me”

I fux with this song, but this video kinda sux…lol.

Tree Mason feat Smoke DZA “Hot Air Balloon”

Incase you’re not familiar with Tree, he’s down with the homie Al-Doe & BBM…Shouts to the big homie OG!

J. Cole “Wet Dreamz”

Uh dogs? uh…o…k…?

araabMUZIK “Day Dreams” (Video)

The Lox ft. Von “Real is Real” (Video)

I love how the REAL movement is poppin…#RNS

Kendrick Lamar “King Kunta” (Video)

Uh yea so this song sucks…but I like the video.

Nym Lo “Almighty LO” (Video)

Really Fuckin Cool’s Nym Lo with some new visuals!

J. Cole “G.O.M.D.” (Video)

Action Bronson feat. Chance The Rapper “Baby Blue” (Video)

Great video from a GREAT album!

XXL Presents: Meek Mill Feat. Rick Ross “Ice Cream (Freestyle)”

AL-DOE “Blanco” (Video)

The Diplomats “Have My Money” (Video)