T.I. and Wife Arrested on Drug Charges

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Foxy Brown Officially Indicted For Violating Order Of Protection

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Foxy Brown’s affair with the New York justice system continues.

The trouble-prone rapper has been indicted and is facing a possible year behind bars for allegedly violating an order of protection put in place by a neighbor who Brown beaned with a BlackBerry in 2007.

And all for allegedly shakin’ that ass.

Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, was arrested last month after Arlene Raymond accused the wee rapper of antagonizing their already testy situation by screaming obscenities at her and—well, this is a new one—bending over and flashing her undies, imploring, “Kiss my ass.”

According to the indictment brought down Friday, Brown is now facing a charge of criminal contempt in the second degree and she could be jailed for up to a year if convicted.

“I’m happy to have a chance to tell the truth about what happened” Brown told reporters Wednesday on her way out of Brooklyn Supreme Court, when she didn’t yet know that the grand jury would choose to indict. “Today my focus is on telling the truth.”

“It feels so good to tell the truth,” she added. “This thing has been such a nightmare.”

Well, it’s hard to say who’s been having the sleepless nights in this case.

Brown spent seven months in the slammer for violating probation from her 2004 assault on two nail salon employees in Manhattan, getting out in April 2008. The following month, she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor menacing for the BlackBerry incident and was sentenced to time served.

Coincidentally, Brown, 31, finds herself back in trouble with the law on the same day her older brother, rapper Gavin “Pretty Boy” Marchand, was hit with a felony indictment after he and two others were allegedly caught with fake credit cards after going on a shopping spree last week.

Marchand could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted. He is currently free on $8,000 bail.

You Deserve A Punch In The Chest For This of the day

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Rich Boy is DONE

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