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Statement from the Weed Loving “F**k it, I Quit” News Anchor

She’s so bout it for this move!

Hacker Group “Anonymous” Launches #OpFerguson After Cop Kills Mike Brown

Anonymous is no joke!

The REALNESS: Top 5 jokes on 50 Cent’s pitch.


THE REALNESS:Its Unfollow A Thot Thursday!!

One of the best realness’ in a while! LOL

The REALNESS : R.I.P. To The Ultimate Warrior

Damn, sad…He was def one of my favorites growing up!

THE REALNESS : Summer Jam 2014 Will Be Epic!!

Sounds like a pretty diverse lineup for this year!

Jay-Z vs Drake – The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

yea…now I DEFINITELY think Hov says “Mrs. Drizzy” !!!

Drake told Rolling Stone that he’s tired of Jay Z rapping bars about his art collection.
Jay Z heard about the comments Drake made in that Rolling Stone interview and responded in his “We Made It” freestyle.

The Realness : Mrs Drizzy?!

So what do you think? Did Hov called Drake Mrs. Drizzy? lol

Click HERE to hear the song for yourself!

Dame Dash “G Checks” the Daily News

Tell em Dame!

THE REALNESS : Hov “G checks” Rosenberg


Rosenberg talks about his convo with Jay Z.

THE REALNESS : Happy St Patty’s Day

lol…Can’t say I disagree here…but…fuck it…get wasted!

The Hardest Asian Of All Time!!!

H-Town!!! LMAO!!!

Shouts to MT-Bizzles for this classic!

Pharrell Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

Here Skateboard P talks about his album cover “controversy”.

THE REALNESS: Happy Dominican Independence day

Shots of Brugal for everyone!