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DJ Premier and Royce da 5’9 present: PRhyme’s “Raiders of the Lost Art” Part 1

DJ Premier and Royce da 5’9″ share a behind the scenes clip in anticipation of their collaborative album.


“Rhythm Roulette” with Mac Miller aka Larry Fisherman

Incase you didn’t know, Mac’s producer name is Larry Fisherman, and here is Larry on the latest episode of Mass Appeals “Rhythm Roulette”!

Jonwayne “Rhythm Roulette”

For this installment of Rhythm Roulette, we linked up with the man who tears down shows in Teva sandals, Stones Throw Records Producer/rapper Jonwayne. We took Jonwayne to Poobah Records in Pasadena, CA to pick out three records while blindfolded. The fun begins once we start to witness what he came up with. Out of the three records, he ended up going drawing joints from The Ritchie Family’s Give Me A Break, as well as The Stylistics’ Sun & Soul record he considered using to be “cheating,” because it’s a given that there is good shit on there. Nonetheless, your boy crafted two joints back-to-back for your listening pleasure.

Dope Remix of those Annoying iPhone Alert Sounds! (MetroGnome Remix)

Talented mofo!

continue reading to see his Breaking Bad remix and more!

Digga “Rhythm Roulette”

Digga met us at 125th and Madison in the heart of Harlem, where he blindly copped some records from a local street vendor. After pulling some Peabo Bryson, Chaka Khan Live, and Johnny Mathis, Digga brought us back to his classroom at a middle school in Harlem, where he quickly crafted a banger using his midi keyboard and Reason.

Earl Sweatshirt and Vince Staples “Inside the Beat” (Episode 1)

In the first episode of Inside the Beat, Earl Sweat and Vince Staples talk about growing up and making music together.


We’ve dealt with EVERY single one of these dudes in our stu…lmao!

“Rhythm Roulette” with Ski Beatz

On this episode of Rhythm Roulette we have the legendary Ski Beatz. From legendary tracks like Jay-Z’s “Dead President” to modern day classics like Curren$y’s Pilot Talk, Ski has been laying legendary production down for more than 20 plus years.

“We’re Mad Scientists” HS87: WE THE PLUG (Episode 3)

n this week’s episode of “HS87: We The Plug,” Hit-Boy introduces rapper, songwriter, and queen of the HS87 crew BMac. You’ll also meet producer and vocalist K. Roosevelt – the artist behind R&B hit “Do Me Now.” #HS87 #WeThePlug #HitBoy #BMacTheQueen #KRoosevelt

continue reading for Episodes 1 and 2

“Rhythm Roulette” with Erick Sermon

If you’re not familiar with “Rhythm Roulette”, the producer picks 3 random records and makes a beat!

DJ Mustard interview with HardKnockTV (Part 1)

Mustard on the beat ho!

Exclusive in-depth interview with highly sought after producer DJ Mustard. In part 1 Mustard talks to Nick Huff Barili about how he created “My Nigga” for YG, breaking down each element that went into the beat while at the legendary Encore Recording Studios where he records at. Mustard goes on to talk about how he knocks out most beats in under 30min, what inspired him to get into producing, how his cousin serving life sentence made him stay away from gang life and focus on music, difference between beatmaker and producer how he preferes to work on whole albums and why he gets upset when people keep saying that he is influence by the Bay.

“Grinding My Whole Life” HS87 : WE THE PLUG (Episode 1)

In the premiere episode of “HS87: We The Plug,” Hit-Boy invites you into his hip-hop compound referred to as the “House of Hit.” You’ll meet his band of producers and engineers Haze Banga, Rey Reel, and S Dot. Having produced hits for some of the biggest names in the music industry, they’ve now joined forces along with the rest of the HS87 crew to bring us the soon-to-be released album “We The Plug.” #HS87 #WeThePlug #HitBoy #GrindingMyWholeLife

“Rhythm Roulette” with Black Milk

On this episode of Rhythm Roulette we linked up with one of our favorite producers here at Mass Appeal, Black Milk. Fresh off the release of his LP No Poison No Paradise and Glitches in the Break EP, Black Milk invited us down to his studio in Dallas, TX to participate in the blindfolded challenge.


Talented dude…good watch.

Leader of a new class of super-producers, Hit-Boy is the wunderkind behind Kanye and Jay-Z’s “N*ggas in Paris.” Now with his forthcoming collaboration project “We The Plug,” the young hit maker is primed for icon status himself. #HitBoy #HouseOfHit #HS87 #WeThePlug

Cassandra of Changing Faces : Behind the scenes studio session and the creation of “Damn Remix”

Featuring the fam Dano!