Ignorance At It's Finest

Ignorance at It’s Finest : Lord Jamar Says White Rappers Are Only “Guests” In Hip Hop’s House

It’s one thing to keep it 100 and be honest, but its another thing to spew out ignorance and stupidity! So this old loser thinks hip-hop is letting white rappers be guests in the house of hip-hop…STFU you old washed up rapper…You just mad cause Macklemore made more in this past year than you have in your entire lame rap history! I WAS a Brand Nubian fan…After hear this ignorance, I’m no longer interested in listening to their old ass songs.


Hot97 Morning Show Ignorance! Peter Rosenberg vs Tiffany

I didn’t hear it, but earlier 2day Pete and Tiffany, who is the director of the morning show, got into an argument about Max B. Tiffany didn’t know who Max was, so Pete tells her she should check out his music. In the mist of it all Pete calls her ignorant because she chooses not to check out Max’ music. Ay yay yay!

Below is HOT97’s “The Realness : Don’t fix your lips to call a Black Woman ignorant”

Click HERE to hear them go at it!

My take on the situation after listening to it all…Tiffany is BUGGIN!!!
She’s so fuckin ignorant…it’s sad…smh…shouts to Peter Rosenberg!

Ignorance At It’s Finest : Webbie Interview At Wal-Mart

huh? wtf is he saying? lmao…smh

Ignorance At It’s Finest : Birdman vs Jay-Z Financial Debate Goes Wrong

lmao…she’s what I like to call a “bum bitch” … smh

Ignorance At It’s Finest : Chapter “EBT (It’s Free Swipe Yo EBT)”

ridiculous … smh

ChellaH aka MiChellaObama “Pay4This” (Video)

NSFW….ignorance at it’s finest! lmao


ofcourse,only Bloggy Brown could send something this crazy!

Iggnorance at it’s finest : Footage Of Teens Running In Dunkin Donuts And Destroying The Place

Vodpod videos no longer available.

kids need a good ass whoopin i tell ya

ATL’s Finest punches female in the face at iHop!

what a fuckin dirtbag….yo Drew you know him? lol

New York Pricks and Dicks … smh

Dude is getting harassed by one-time while holding his son…damn,thats foul

I dont understand what this guy could have been doing with his kid in his arms? I’m curious to see what the police have to say about this bullshit…smh…BUT…BUT,homie should have just given up his kid and dealt with the police,he’s buggin at around 30 seconds,his kid could have gotten hurt…damn,wtf…smh

Ignorance at it’s finest : Bloody Loco going loco on the train

what a dick…smh

Snoop Arrested in Drug Raid!!!

Well not the snoop your thinking of…lol…but snoop from the wire…smh

Continue reading for the Baltimore Sun article

Ignorance At It’s Finest : Lady “Pussy Be Yankin” VIDEO…NSFW!!!

yea she’s a thoro-bitch for sure…song is funny as hell…nice butts in the video too!

Ignorance At It’s Finest!

damn,this is pathetic and hilarious at the same time…lmao…smh

shouts to Kom for sending this over…

Young Money’s Gudda Gudda gets his chain snatched during performance

shit pops off at 4:56…im gonna assume he got his shit back and that guy cought a beating,lol

DICKHEAD:Gucci Mane Gets Ice Cream Cone FACE Tattoo…with lightning bolt…LMAO

ight so this is definitely the worst tattoo ever,and hes a lame…thats basics…but what makes this really reallllly bad is the red lightning bolt and how badly out of place it is with this ice cream cone,like wtf is that? the bolt goes thru the top and comes out the side on the ill angle…lmao…this guy is EXACTLY what is wrong in our music business…smh….BRRR! lol