#FuckItWhyNot : Nas “Silent Murder”

the cassette tape bonus song…yup,if you didn’t know,it was a bonus for buying the tape and not the cd!

FuckItWhyNot : James Brown & Luciano Pavarotti “It’s a Man’s World” LIVE

dope performance of a great song!

shouts to the homie ATN for this one

FuckItWhyNot? : Mobb Deep “Win Or Lose”

Dog Shit has inspired me to listen to nuttin but the M-O-Double-B for the remainder of the day

FuckItWhyNot : Alicia Keys “So Simple”

hands down my favorite A.Keys record…probably not the normal “favorite” from her,but its mine!
and I think it’s more the beat than anything that i LOVE about this record.
and then I can also put myself in the song and dream shes singing to me…lmao!

FuckItWhyNot : SoHo “Hot Music”

watching the nets/knicks game and they played this,so just decided to post it! fuck it why not?!!!

probably the one and only time I’ll post some house shit,but this is that shit…hot!

FuckItWhyNot : Boot Camp Clik “Welcome To Bucktown U.S.A.”

this was…and is my shit! oh yea and it was recorded,mixed at our studio….pow!
shouts to my BCC family!

FuckItWhyNot:Sean Price “Boom Bye Yeah”

“Giambi Whaaaadup Up! Dan The Man Whaaaaadup! Sean Price Whaaaaadup!”
(damn where was I that day…fred bear whaaaadddup!” lol)