Action Bronson & Mario Batali: Mr. Wonderful Inspired Cuisine

Action Bronson and Mario Batali make pizza together in this video.

The previous sentence is all you need to know before you click “play,” but for those who want a little verbiage before they proceed, here you go:

The MUNCHIES series Fuck, That’s Delicious took Action Bronson’s culinary stock through the roof, so with the release of his new album, it only made sense for him to collaborate with the best chefs in the world to create food fit for Mr. Wonderful. In this video, Action Bronson’s food TV dreams come true. Bam Bam gets a no-holds barred tour of Eataly from his culinary idol, Mario Batali: they sampled salumi and formaggi, create pizzas, and dine on a stuffed fried quail so delicious-looking, you will want to eat right through your screen.

How to Make Pancacon: Pancakes and Bacon! | Get the Dish

Pancakes and bacon were seemingly made for each other, so why not make Pancakon? It’s the perfect way to marry your favorite breakfast foods with an insanely delicious breakfast hack that’s perfect for anyone who loves all things tasty. It’s like all your favorite things, together at last!

Making the Ultimate Eggslut Sandwich

If you’re going to name your restaurant Eggslut, you’ve got to really nail it when it comes to making a breakfast sandwich. Alvin Cailan—owner of LA’s superpopular eatery Eggslut—does just that, and shows us how to whip up the best breakfast sandwich you’ll ever have using common items found in your pantry when you’re hungover on Saturday morning.

Lobster-Truffle Pizza & 8-Ball Donuts: Finger Food with the Fat Prince

Andy Milonakis teams up with dough pro Jeff Mahin of Stella Barra Pizzeria and Do-Rite Donuts and Lamorne Morris of New Girl to create a lobster, matsutake, and truffled cheese Boboli pizza. And for dessert? An “8-ball donut,” topped with powdered sugar, white truffles, and Hershey’s chocolate sauce, of course.

Homemade Samoas Girl Scout Cookies Recipe | Get the Dish

How to make homemade Samoas at home! There’s no better time of the year than Girl Scout cookie season right? But those boxes only last for so long . . . even if you freeze them. Well thank heavens we have an easy homemade version that can keep you snacking happy all year long and if Samoas aren’t your jam, you can always whip up some Thin Mints as well!

continue reading for ingredients and cooking instructions!

Action Bronson “Fuck, That’s Delicious” Roasted in Santa Monica

In this episode of Fuck, That’s Delicious we head to the land of juice bars and drive-by’s: California. While in the Golden State, we check in with The Alchemist during a recording session, catch a culinary performance at the Odd Future Carnival, and get some Hollywood power lunch tips from Simon Rex at Ink. As if all that isn’t enough, Action meets up with B-Real for tacos on the East Side, and then balances it all out with a spectacular cauliflower recipe. That’s some California love.

How To Make Drunken Oreos

Looks interesting…I think I need my Chef Brown to make these!!! Sup Brown!!!

How to Make Maple Bacon Cupcakes

Can you think of anything better than maple bacon cupcakes? Start by learning how to make delicious maple cupcakes that smell and taste downright divine. Next, smother the cupcakes with dreamy homemade buttercream frosting, and, finally, top them off with candied bacon. We like to think of them as the ultimate end to a decadent brunch as they pay homage to a short stack of pancakes served with a few slices of bacon. Watch the video, and then get baking!

Empire Steak Building – Epic Meal Time

Epic Meal Time : Bacon Cheeseburger Inception

Is this a real bacon cheeseburger within a bacon cheeseburger within a bacon cheeseburger? Or is it just a dream?

How To Make Kugel with ‘Barbra Streisand’: Hanukkah Spectacular

Welcome to the MUNCHIES Hanukkah spectacular, hosted by Dani Luv! To help us say farewell to Hanukkah on the final night of the Festival of Lights, our great pal “Barbra Streisand” (impersonator) makes us some luscious noodle kugel, one of her favorite Jewish recipes.

This sweet treat made from egg noodles, cottage cheese, sour cream, cinnamon, and sugar is the most delicious way to wrap up another joyous year of Hanukkah. Barbra swears this recipe is better than “you know what” because “people, people who need kugel” are the luckiest people in the world. Grab a glass of Manischewitz and toast to a happy Hanukkah!

How To Make A Mac And Cheese Bun | Foodbeast Labs

We got a thing for Buns, especially Mac & Cheese Buns! Here’s your guide on how to make your very own Mac & Cheese Buns for your next backyard burger.

Bacon Covered Grilled Cheese Cronuts Recipe | Eat the Trend


The Cronut recipe has been remixed to bring you the bacon-covered grilled cheese Cronut! What started as the birth of the newest food hybrid has now grown into a fried empire! Dominique Ansel’s Cronut has taken on countless new forms including being stuffed with nutella, turned into a burger, and most recently stuffed it with cheese. Well we always like to up the ante, and what’s more appropriate to pair with a grilled cheese Cronut than candied bacon, right? Right.

Epic Meal Time : Korean BBQ Lasagna with Seth Rogan & James Franco

Action Bronson : Taxi Cab Confessions, Basketball, & Blunts: Fuck, That’s Delicious (Episode 7)

In this nocturnal edition of Fuck, That’s Delicious, Action Bronson shows us some of his favorite late-night go-to’s for midnight snacking. From the most Northern parts of Queens to Washington Heights, the FTD audience will get a well-curated tour of New York City’s lesser-known after-dark eateries. We also get a chance to see Mr. Wonderful flex his culinary prowess while whipping up an ice cream sundae comprised of ingredients sourced solely from the Lower East Side. Getting around to all of these special places on the fly was no easy feat, so we enlisted super-cabbie Charlie to help us get the job done.