The Best Last Best Plane Ride Ever (86 Mets)

October 15, 1986, the New York Mets came from a three run deficit in the 9th and beat the Houston Astros in 16 innings to win the pennant. This film recreates the Mets’ infamous post-game celebration: from champagne in the jacuzzi to the destruction of a perfectly good Ozark Airlines DC10. Starring the voices of Lenny Dykstra, Dwight Gooden, Kevin Mitchell, and Darryl Strawberry. Directed, illustrated and animated by James Blagden

NOISEY “Bompton” Parts 1-6

NOISEY Bompton: Growing up with Kendrick Lamar (Part 1)

Compton, California, is one of hip-hop’s most celebrated locales, the birthplace of acts like N.W.A. and, more recently, Kendrick Lamar. It’s also home to a complicated gang culture. Noisey Bompton centers around Kendrick Lamar and the friends he grew up with on the West Side of Compton, many of whom feature on the cover of his album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly.’ n the first of six segments, we sit down with Kendrick to talk about his acclaimed albums, pay a visit to his high school, Centennial, and get to know his childhood friend Lil L.

Noisey Bompton is a new documentary made by the people who brought you Noisey Atlanta and Noisey Chiraq. It’s the first episode in an eight part series, NOISEY, on VICE’s upcoming TV network VICELAND. Each episode focuses on a different city, its major stars, and the stories and issues that influence its music scene.

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3 Words … HA-LAR-IOUS!!!

Kendrick Lamar – Compton | Witness Greatness | GRAMMYs

New short film celebrating Compton, the city that inspired 2016 GRAMMY nominee Kendrick Lamar and helped make him the artist he is today.

Desert Drifters: Illegal Street Drifting in Saudi Arabia

Illegal drifting on public streets has achieved cult status in Saudi Arabia by now. At the same time car accidents are one of the main causes of death there, especially among young people. The problem is so massive that the Saudi government is implementing extra hard punishments for drifting on public streets. But there are alternatives. Professional drives have started academies and in doing so are trying to make drifting a professional sport.

J. Cole: Road to Homecoming – Ain’t Nothin’ Like That (Episode 2)

What’s it take to put a tour together? Go behind the scenes with J. Cole’s crew and see how they keep things running smoothly.

J. Cole Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming premieres Saturday, Jan. 9 at 10PM on HBO. 2014 Forest Hills Drive album available now.

‘Sold Out: The Underground Economy of Supreme Resellers’: Full-Length (Parts 1-4)

Last Monday, the first part of Sold Out hit the Internet. The subsequent parts rolled out over the rest of the week, but if you’ve been patiently waiting to take in the entire project in one sitting, your day has come. Above you’ll find the full-length cut of Sold Out, with all four parts edited into a single cohesive whole.

If you need a reminder about the story unfolding, here’s Complex Style’s associate editor Karizza Sanchez:

In 1994, James Jebbia opened the first Supreme location in a small storefront on Lafayette Street in New York. At the time, Supreme was a brand for skaters by skaters—even the design for the shop was more open so skaters could come right in with their skateboards. But today, 21 years later, Supreme is a legendary streetwear brand that’s cultivated a cult following well beyond that original fan base. Continuing to release product in tightly controlled, limited amounts, the brand is as big as it wants to be in New York, Los Angeles, and London; a titan in Japan—arguably its largest market.

Complex has covered Supreme for well over a decade (Complex was founded in 2002). Most of it was from afar; we wrote about releases or lookbooks. But for the last year or so, our Complex News team has been reporting from the Lafayette Street shop to cover in-store launches. Every story was the same: Lines snaked around the block, kids camped out for hours or days, sometimes even in subfreezing temperatures, just to get any Supreme item. Each Thursday drop was chaos. In April 2014, the NYPD canceled the Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One in-store launch at the NYC flagship after a riot nearly broke out earlier that day.

But there was something much bigger here. We learned that many were in line to purchase gear that they’d later flip online for big profits, selling apparel and other items for as much as 1,200 percent above retail value. “We started to get to know these people and realized there was a business here and real money to be made,” explains Emily Oberg, Complex Editorial Producer and one of the directors of this documentary. While the reselling market is hardly new, and people have been selling Supreme online for years, it’s yet to be the focus of serious investigation—until now.

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Is Deanz the Only Lesbian Dancehall Artist in the World? – Noisey Meets Deanz

Noisey meets the UK’s first Lesbian dancehall artist. Inspired by Vybz Kartel, Deanz is on a mission to tackle homophobia through dancehall music. Although some popular dancehall songs contain homophobic themes, from her love of women to her explicit lyrics, Deanz has a lot more in common with some of her favourite male dancehall artists than they’d care to imagine.

VICE Sports “Bronx Fight Club” (Part 2)

Neighborhood boxing has been going on in The Bronx for decades. Gather up some folks from the neighborhood, get a few kids to throw some gloves on and charge everybody $5 to watch. Now, two men are taking it to a different level. With support from 50 Cent and prizes like automobiles for top winners, underground boxing is making a big push in the BX.

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The Great Korean Invasion of Keith Ape: Noisey Raps

Interesting to say the least.

Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, Keith Ape made hip-hop history with the international hit “It G Ma” fusing Japanese and Korean lyrics with an Atlanta trap sound.

After bringing their anime and Asian influenced styles to multiple tours across the US and Canada, Keith Ape and his Cohort Crew have become admired by American and international fans and artists alike.

Jadakiss Gives A Tour of Yonkers | The Neighborhood

Take a journey through Yonkers with Jada!

Carmelo Anthony on the Media Machine, Knicks and Staying Sane in NYC: Stay Melo (Episode 3)

“New York is the greatest city on the planet, I think. But you’re not a New Yorker if you don’t wake up some days and be like ‘man, fuck this place.’”

In the third episode of Stay Melo we stick around New York City and hit Melo’s personal gym at Terminal 23 to see him get ready for the season with former teammate Iman Shumpert. Then we head to Red Hook, Brooklyn to track down Melo’s childhood home and visit the studio of street artist Swoon. Along the way Melo dishes on his relationship with New York and struggles with the media.

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AZ: 20 Years of Greatness

Lil D!cky “$ave Dat Money” (Documentary)

Last week I POSTED his video for this, a MUST see, And now here is the doc on how it all came together!

I think I’m a Lil D!icky fan…

The Story of ‘Fuck Tha Police’ – A Noisey Film

Noisey presents a new documentary exploring the story behind seminal rap track ‘Fuck Tha Police’ by NWA.

We talk to Ice Cube and Yella from the group about the circumstances that led to the making of the song, as well as police officers from the Compton gang unit at the time and lifelong Compton citizens who felt the impact of the song in their neighborhoods.

Duck Down’s Sean Price Tribute

If you were lucky enough to be at the Sean Price Tribute Show last week you were able to see this, but if not, well here it goes!

damn I still can’t believe my bro is gone…smh…r.i.P!

OFF THE GRID with J.Cole A short film presented by Bally

Go off the grid with J. Cole as he escapes the connected world in seek of musical inspiration. Take in the breath-taking landscapes of Jamaica and experience the true notion of the ‘Urban Explorer’. This short film is a contemporary celebration of Bally’s long-standing affinity with hip hop culture and its iconic aesthetic. Much like the sneakers of the 90’s, the hiking boot is this generation’s equivalent assertion on everyday style. Taking functional design and transforming it into a luxury item as only Bally can, own the new wave of boots and backpacks that J. Cole hand selected for this unique collaboration, as seen in the film.

Get the J.Cole Bally Boots HERE!

Hip Hop In the Holy Land – The Godfather of Palestinian Rap – Episode 1

“How can we co-exist when one side doesn’t exist?”

Welcome to Noisey Israel Palestine : Hip Hop in the Holy Land.

After Noisey Atlanta, Noisey Jamaica and Noisey Chiraq, comes a series hosted and co-directed by Mike Skinner (The Streets) that takes the temperature of the rap scene in Israel and Palestine.

In Episode 1 Mike meets Tamer Nafar who is the co-founder of DAM aka Da Arabian MCs who were the first Palestinian rap group to break through.

Revolutions On Air: The Golden Era of New York Radio 1980 – 1988

A MUST watch for any REAL hip-hop fan!

New York City Radio during the 1980s featured the most dynamic and influential soundtrack the city has ever heard.

Revolutions On Air is the story of mix show legends and studio wizards like Shep Pettibone, Tony Humphries, The Latin Rascals, Marley Marl, and Kool DJ Red Alert – innovators whose “anything goes” attitude pushed the emerging hip-hop, electro, freestyle, and house music scenes and kept radio listeners citywide hooked to their tape decks in order to record these now-classic mixes.

A$AP Rocky “Purple Swag” | Magnum Opus

We talked to Rocky, Ferg, Anna Trill and everyone else involved in making the song that launched the A$AP movement.

“AMY” Official Teaser Trailer

I love me some Amy, can’t wait to see this…we def lost a great one too soon!

We’re Gonna Be Lords (Documentary)

Short doc on the world of young New York hiphop. Starring Action Bronson, The Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, and Le1f.

Action Bronson’s “South By South Wonderful” Recap At SXSW 2015

Action Bronson had a heavy presence at SXSW this year. He put on his “South By South Wonderful” showcase with the help of a few friends (us included), on top of which, he gave out free food to fans and seemed sincere in his interactions with them– whether it was posing for photos, answering questions or giving away his weed. His album release was scheduled for the day after SXSW wrapped up, so it was appropriate to give Mr. Wonderful that last big push while in Austin.
For those who couldn’t attend his SXSWonderful showcase, or for those who were just too faded to remember what actually happened, we got you. After teasing the showcase with Vince Staples’ performance of an unknown Future-featured track, you can now take a look at all the artists that graced Mr. Wonderful’s stage, including the man himself.
Starting mid-day we got see Da$h, Heems, Meyhem Lauren, Vince Staples, Curren$y and more get the crowd live, with Bronsolino closing out the night by performing choice cuts off his new album.

Action Bronson “Mr. Wonderful – The Documentary”