Dirt Bag Alert (DBA)

#OfficerGoFuckYourself Threatens to Kill Ferguson Livestreamers


Dirt Bag Alert : Fake Homeless Man Exposed!

Damn..what a piece of shit!

I heard this guy wasn’t really homeless so we investigated him. For the first time, I’m bringing out my “20/20 slash Dateline” personality! lol. I WAS SHOCKED!

The Duck Down Man (Ep. 3): It’s Getting Weird

This guy is such a dirtbag! lmao!

Episode 3 finds the Duck Down Man breaking public bathroom etiquette, stealing (again), and getting loose on a Friday

Officer Who Sexually Assaulted Woman Then Arrests Her For Protesting Now Fired!

I remember seeing this months back…I’m glad to see this dirtbag cop was fired!

Dirt Bag Alert : Eagles WR Riley Cooper At Concert: “I Will Fight Every N word Here”

What a piece of shit…smh.

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 6.48.08 PM

Two Girls One Dirty Sanchez

Mark Sanchez Dances Naked With Two Girls…lol

I mean at least he’s dancing with some hot chicks and not his team mates!

Dude Gets Locked Up For Drinking a Half & Half Arizona Ice Tea!

And they wonder why people hate cops…smh…disgusting!

Dirt Bag Alert : Rutgers Basketball Coach Mike Rice Fired For Abusing His Players!

What a piece of shit! Glad he got fired!

Dirt Bag Alert : NY Post

really NY Post? really? smh

DirtBagAlert! Kid has foul ball taken from him by usher at Dodgers game

what a fuckin DirtBag! I hope he get’s fired!

Police Brutality at the Pete Rock and Smif N Wessun Album Release Party

Fuckin PIGS fucked my dude Louie up,they had 10 cops beating the shit outta him.
time for a lawsuit Kenny!

So last night we were all enjoying a lovely and peaceful evening at Tammany Hall in downtown NYC for the release of Monumental. Around 11:30pm sequrity rushed outside,when they returned they informed us that a fight broke out,outside,bottles were being thrown. About 30 minutes later the lights came on inside,and the police had shut down the party.

Continue reading to hear the rest of my story from this night and MORE footage

WTF??? Cops arrest a lady for filming from her lawn

fuckin cops…wtf?

I know that all cops aren’t bad…but damn,did she really need to be arrested?
And cops wonder why people don’t like them…smh

Dirt Bag Alert : Wow…that’s racists!

wow…that’s crrrraaaaaaazy!

Dirt Bag ALERT : LosER Angeles Fakers

Vodpod videos no longer available.

what a bunch of sore losing bitches!
Odom’s “push” on Dirk wasn’t that bad…but Bynum,nah,thats not cool big man

Fan Gets Tasered, Beat and Arrested at PNC Park … smh

whatever happen to a good old fashioned tackle?
fuckin dirtbag police…smh