“Confessions Of A Sneaker Addict”

Confessions Of A Sneaker Addict : Episode Two : Hosted By Shiest Bubz with The Mayor

I did this one 2 years ago, and was just randomly on my YouTube page today, came across this classic piece and felt like posting it. Shouts to Bubz and The Mayor. As well as Ant for filming and editing this one!

Confessions Of A Sneaker Addict : Episode Two : The Mayor at Vault Harlem : Hosted By Shiest Bubz

Here’s my 2nd installment of Confessions Of A Sneaker Addict!
Episode Two features the Legendary Sneaker Addict The Mayor!
This episode is hosted by the fam Shiest Bubz!

Shouts to the good folks at Vault Harlem for letting us shoot in the store!

HUGE shouts to Anthony Sylvester of LPZ Media
who filmed and edited this, as well as episode one!

continue reading to see The Mayor’s Sneaker COLLECTION!!!

“Confessions Of A Sneaker Addict” Episode One : Skyzoo & A-Life

Here is Episode One of our new segment “Confessions Of A Sneaker Addict”.
Filmed at A-Life, L.E.S. NYC, and featuring Skyzoo!

HUGE shouts to Kevin Lopez and Anthony Sylvester who Filmed and Edited this segment!
Check them out at LPZMedia.com

Shouts to Skyzoo for being our first addict to confess!

Big shouts to 007 and Jesse at A-Life for letting us shoot over there!