Kanye West’s Bitch Boy Rant At Pusha T Album Listening Session

this dude is such a little girl…stfu Kanye…go hang out with the Kardashians.

Rapper Rick Ross Exposed as a Fake Freemason and Identity Thief

this guy is mad at Ricky ay? lol

Nicki Minaj is a fuckin cornball

there is nothing funny about this…she’s actually playing Wayne with this video, and I’m shocked someone didn’t keep it 100 with her and say NO bitch! stop being corny! smh

Confirmed: Lil Wayne Wore Women’s Jeggings At The VMAs

STOP IT 5!!!! Where they do that at?

So yea, it’s now been confirmed by the homies over at Complex, Weezy wore some WOMEN’S JEGGINGS to the VMA’s sunday. Tripp NYC, has confirmed on their facebook page that the YMCMB rapper was indeed wearing their pants. You can buy them for $44.

shouts to DT-Bizzles for this one!


P.Diddy changes his name to FAG…um I mean Swag

what a swagger jacking fag…Lil B and Odd Future should kik his ass…smh

Cop arrest’s kid for no reason…smh

Vodpod videos no longer available.

damn cops wtf?

Bill O’Reilly vs Jon Stewart over Common at White House

Billy is such a fuckin jerk off

PAUSE!!! Lil Wayne and his daddy kissing


Dickhead Alert!!! Wiz Khalifa Tattoos Amber Rose’s Name On His Thumb

the only womans name you should EVER tattoo on your body is your mother,sister,grandmother,or daughter…what a dickhead

Big Sean and the Young Boys “Don’t Have Sex” VIDEO


shouts to the homie Sean P for this one!

DICKHEAD:Gucci Mane Gets Ice Cream Cone FACE Tattoo…with lightning bolt…LMAO

ight so this is definitely the worst tattoo ever,and hes a lame…thats basics…but what makes this really reallllly bad is the red lightning bolt and how badly out of place it is with this ice cream cone,like wtf is that? the bolt goes thru the top and comes out the side on the ill angle…lmao…this guy is EXACTLY what is wrong in our music business…smh….BRRR! lol

Wack Ass Canadian Rapper Scribblez Gets EXPOSED Stealing Rhymes From Harlem Artist Dub

Vodpod videos no longer available.


WTF! Racist Lady Slaps Up Postal Worker Calls Him N!gger Over And Over But He Gets Fired…SMH

Vodpod videos no longer available.

and he got fired for this…smh…wtf!!!

Wiz Khalifa Arrested in NC for a bus full of weed

well I don’t really know why he was arrested…but we all know why this pothead got booked…f the police!

this footage is pointless…but here it is anyway

Fight In Subway…then dude gets tasered…LMAO

i hate drunks like that…the worst…he deserved ever punch and the taser!