Kanye West “I’m Humbly A Rap God. Top 5 Of All Time, Dead Or Alive!”

Another bitch boy rant from Kanye…This time he’s calling himself top 5 dead or alive…humbly…lmao…no you tool, screaming it like a little baby at your concert is not humble! This dude needs to stfu and just make GOOD music…His personality is making me really dislike him!

Kanye West Explains Why He Calls Himself a Genius

If you feel like wasting 20 minutes…I didn’t…but hey, enjoy!

Much has been made of Kanye West’s infamous “rants” at his concerts but, as is often the case, his actions and words make much more sense in full context. Kanye played the Prudential Center in Newark on 2/15 and he had a lot to say. Yeezy spoke for 20 minutes on everything from why he left Nike for Adidas, having Drake’s back when it comes to misrepresentation by the media, the media’s negative portrayal of Hip-Hop and its artists, the Grammy’s and more. It was certainly stream of consciousness…but it was far from a “rant.”

Another Kanye West Bitch Boy Rant

this dude is such a fuckin bitch…does he think that people wanna pay to see him complain? And the wack shit is that these lames in the audience cheer him on during his rants…me, I would be booing his ass!

“Donkey of The Day” Rich Dollaz (B*tch Behavior)

lmao!!! Yea I must say I have to agree with CTG on this one!

Wale explains his bitchboy rant to Rosenberg and Ebro

what a fuckin baby…get over yourself homeboy!

Webster’s Dictionary Definition of the word “Homey”

So the homie Rockness Monsta posted this on Facebook, and I had to repost it…this is ridiculous!
Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 11.01.26 AM

BitchAssNess At It’s Finest : Wale throws a hissy fit because of Complex!

what a bitch boy…

and then 2day he does this corny shit…

what a lame!

Kanye West Throws Out Fan From Concert In San Antonio!

this guy is the biggest baby in the world…After seeing all the Yeezus tour footage,and all his bitch ass rants, I officially hate this guy…smh.

Dallas Penn Presents : NYC X-Mas Streets with BluCheez (Parts 1, 2 and 3)


dP takes to the streets of NYC to hunt freshness and flavor in the holiday season.

continuer reading for parts 2 and 3

Kanye West Full Interview with Sway

The first 15 minutes is a normal interview…then at 15:45 he goes nuts…first he thinks him and his boy got Jordan poppin…lmao…then he starts to go into bitch boy mode. and then at 17 minutes and change he spazzes on Sway like a little girl!!! This dude is asked a simple question and he spazzes on a legend like Sway, fuck him, someone needs to g check Kanye…smh.

Kanye’s Bitch Boy Rant at MSG Last Night

this dude is such a fuckin BABY!!! lol

Trinidad James Cops A Plea “The Truth Will Set You Free”

I’m not even mad at what he said, it’s basically true. When you turn on NY radio all you hear is down south music. But I do agree with Maino. When James said “I’m not tryin to start nuttin, but if you want to do something we can do something cause I don’t give a fuck” , that’s when he thought he was “tuff”. And that’s why NY feels disrespected, and that’s why Maino is speaking up and defending NY, and I agree with Maino 100%!

Trinidad James Tries To Defend His BS “ATL Runs NY” Comments

Last week he says THIS….then MainO said THIS…Now this pu$$y is back tracking on his tuff talk! Sounds like he’s scared of getting a classic NY ass whooooopin!

Trinidad James Says the South Runs NYC

Someone tell this lame to stfu!

Kanye West’s Bitch Boy Rant in Vegas

yo this dude is such a fuckin baby…You would think he has no hit records and is struggling in life the way he is always angry and ranting and complaining…Cmon son, you have all the money in the world, you in a group with Jay-Z, your girl is Kim Kardashian…I mean seriously, take a fuckin chill pill homie, life is good.
And all the people cheering him on are losers too…I would have been booing this lame for this crap!

continue reading for part 2 of this rant