"21 Questions" Interview

Throwback Thursday : “21 Questions” with Sean Price

One of my very first “21 Questions” from January 2009! Horrible camera, lol, but hey, it’s still a classic interview with one of my favorite rapper/friends!

continue reading for part 2

iKeepsIt100.com Presents “21 Questions” with Smoke Dza

Here’s my latest 21 with the homie Smoke!

“21 Questions” with Wink Loc and PUSH! Montana

Shouts to the homies for both sitting down with me for 21!

“21 Questions” with Pete Rock

Here is my latest installment of “21 Questions” with the legendary Pete Rock!!!

this day was dope too, my business partner Dan The Man and I were in the studio all afternoon with Pete, while Dan was mixing, me and Pete were cyber diggin for records…that shit was an honor…like sometimes I get lost in this world that I work in, and the fact that we work with legends…and it was just a dope moment to have Pete showing me all these records and playing samples for me….crazy…salute to the legend and friend Pete Rock!

I have teamed up with the good folks of SmokeStack Recordings and PaceMedia for this “21”.
Look for more collabs between us in the future!!!

“21 Questions” with Marisa Mendez

Here’s my latest 21 with the lovely Miss Marisa Mendez!
If your not sure who she is,well watch the damn interview and find out! lol

big shouts to the homie Marisa!
(and shouts to the homie’s Giambi & Jalina who sat in on the interview!)

And last but not least,shouts to the fam Tommy for editing the video for me!

“21 Questions” Interview with Maino

Here’s my latest interview with the homie Maino

big shouts to the homie Executive Nick and Jean Nelson!

“21 Questions” with DJ Premier part 2

thanks again to the homie Preem for having me over!

“21 Questions” with DJ Premier Pt. 1

I took a trip to HeadQcourterz to do 21 with the homie Preem!
Here’s part one…part two next week!

Dedicated to Guru and my homie HeadQcourterz who I worked with at Rawkus.
HQ was a great dude,and always showed me nothing but love.
So i felt it was only right to dedicate this interview to him and Guru.

Shouts to the homie DJ Premier

Sean Price “21 Questions”

here’s a throwback,but my favorite,for the fuck of it…
shouts to the homie Sean P!
This is such a classic interview! lol

“21 Questions” pt.5 with DJ Babu

This is The Finale in my 5 part interview with the legendary DJ Babu!

Thank you again Babu for coming to the studio for the interview!

21 Questions with DJ Babu (part 4)

part 5 “The Finale” next week!
big shouts to the homie DJ Babu!

“21 Questions” with Khrysis!

Big shouts to my dude Khrysis who came to the studio for 21 a few weeks ago.

“21 Questions” with DJ Babu part 3

again,HUGE shouts to the homie Babu for coming through to the studio for the interview while he was in NYC a few weeks ago!

Be on the look out for 21 with Khrysis! coming next!

“21 Questions” with DJ Babu Part 2!

Big shouts again to the homie Babu!
If you haven’t already, go get The Beat Tape Vol. 2

“21 Questions” with DJ Babu

I linked with the homie Babu a few weeks ago while he was in NYC.

Thanks again to the world famous DJ Babu for coming to the studio for 21!
“The Beat Tape Vol.2” in stores now!!!