“Bucktown USA” Vol 1 (Mixtape)


Bucktown USA Entertainment releases a NEW mixtape project for 2016. Volume 1 features BTU Alumni General Steele paired on tracks with his PNC, Tek, Umi (Dead Prez), Jakk Frost, Freeway, Illaghee (RuckDown), O.C., Reef The Lost Cauze, Malik B, Joneszilla, Sticman (Dead Prez).It also showcases Bucktown home team members Vvs Verbal, Coke, Louie Skaggs, Brooklyn Bixby, Mar’rz Atomz and Araminta Moon, alongside Mic Handz, Innocent? and Juxx Diamondz (It’s Them), Geda K, Don Meta, Koncreat, Rim Da Villian (RuckDown), Maya Azucena, Tao Dub, Z-Thug, Mike Brownsville, Guappy, Hersh, Mic Blaque, Nicole Michelle and Dysfunkshunal Famlee.

Click HERE for download!

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