Jahlil Beats & Beanie Sigel Prepping “Still Public Enemy” Mixtape


Beanie Sigel and Jahlil Beats are collaborating on a mixtape album, Still Public Enemy, due out sometime this year. Following a snippet of a “Kick in the Door”-sampled joint on Instagram last month, Jahlil tells NahRight it’s a proper follow-up to Beans’ street classic Public Enemy #1. The bulk of the production will come from Jahlil himself, and will feature a variety of records sampled from the ’90s.

The Roc Nation producer also shared his thoughts on the State Property member’s recovery since getting shot last month outside of his home in Pleasantville, New Jersey. “I’m just happy that Beans is OK now,” he says. “He just came home. As soon as he get right, we going right back in the lab.”

In an Instagram post by Neef Buck, Beans was seen leaving the hospital in stable condition. However, according to a report by TMZ, Beans had one of his lungs removed due to bullet fragments. He’s currently resting at the Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation in Pomona, New Jersey.

Article courtesy of NahRight

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