Shirt “Rap” (Free Album)

Ight so honestly…I have NEVER heard of this dude..until 2day when I came across this album on NahRight…and honestly…he has instantly become one of my favorite “new” rappers…2 thumbs up!
Last week dude made headlines by making a fake NY Times article that apparently had everyone fooled.
Click HERE to hear Shirt Break Down Fake New York Times Article and he Talks New Album!

Shouts to NahRight and Daniel Isenberg for all the info!

continue reading for tracklist and download link!

Click HERE to download!
1. Intro
2. Take Off (Produced by Zygote)
3. Stolen Norman Rockwells (Produced by Brady Becklo)
4. Niggas On Coke (Produced by David “Leggo” Rojas)
5. Tuscan Leather (Produced by Noah “40″ Shebib)
6. New Bitch (Produced by Beat Ventriliquists)
7. Life and Art (Produced by Simon Green)
8. Either You Here or You With God (Produced by David “Leggo” Rojas)
9. Drugs (Produced by HighFrequency)
10. Understated (Produced by The Letter L)

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