Ebro Keeps It 100 with B.Dot from Rap Radar

So B.Dot thinks DJ’s get payola to play records…Here’s a clip of Ebro keeping it 100 with B.Dot!

Salute to E Bro for “g checking” this dude…I never met him, but his views and BS on the internet have made me dis-like him. I also dis-like his boss Elliot. And I agree with E Bro that he would be nothing without Elliot and Rap Radar, because b4 that website, who was he and what did he do? And them joking around in this interview that B.Dot is a racist means that there is probably some truth to it, so fuck him for that too.

One response

  1. Thanks for the post…interesting look and explanation on radio play/rotation…

    October 26, 2013 at 12:06 pm

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