Math Hoffa Speaks On Serius Jones Punch!

Click HERE to see THE PUNCH if you missed it!

Serius Jones previously stopped by our VladTV headquarters to share his input on the events that took place at Summer Madness 3 between him and Math Hoffa. Jones felt as though Math sucker punched him when he was looking at the girls he brought on stage, and that it was a “sucker” move, yet the fight overall was “really light.” Math came by to speak with Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes, following the interview with Serius Jones to speak on the situation and the results that have followed.

Hoffa was apologetic for his actions and understands that he has to own up to the repercussions regarding Smack/URL not wanting to book him for future events among fan hatred, but also reiterated the circumstances that lead to the fight. He strongly believes that being starving for 10 hours and functioning off of alcohol, a five hour energy drink, and a chicken wing contributed greatly to him swinging on Jones. He stated that many of the things that Jones said in his interview with VladTV were lies, but he can understand why he would be lying about what happened due to angry feelings after being hit during a battle. Math assured his fans that this type of situation will never happen again in the future if he battles again.

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