25 Historic Sneaker Moments in GIFs

Complex has put 2gether an awesome group of GIFs to represent the top 25 sneaker moments!
Here is #25 on the list… the Nike Air Maestro

The Fab Five Change the Game Forever
The Fab Five changed more than just college basketball with their black socks and baggy shorts in the early ’90s as Michigan Wolverines. The look that Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson and Juwan Howard created with the Air Maestro, Air Force Max and Air Flight Huarache, would serve as a style that was the roots of today’s sock movement. Would there even be Elite socks if it weren’t for the Fab Five?

Unfortunatley I can’t post any of the GIFS…so just click HERE to visit Complex for all of the GIFs!


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