Jayson Musson x Stussy 2012 Fall/Winter T-Shirt Collection

BIG shouts to Jayson, who I’ve known since kindergarten…#SALUTE
Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 3.57.59 PM

Stussy‘s collaboration project with NYC-based artist Jayson Musson has delivered an assortment of new T-shirts for Fall/Winter 2012. The first of the tees is available in four different colors (white, black, royal blue and heather grey) and features the Jayson Musson ‘Handrail’ print while the second option comes in either white or black and features Musson’s ‘Skateboard Stack’ print.

Both prints carry with them a sense of humor that we have come to expect from Musson’s work and in combination with the now iconic Stussy graphic, the end result is something to behold. The T-shirts are both finished with a small ‘Jayson Musson X Stussy’ branding on the neck. The full range is now available via our online store for the price of $24 USD each.

continue reading for more pics

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