Joey Badass & CJ Fly Interview with HardKnockTV

Exclusive in-depth interview with Joey Badass (Bada$$) and CJ FLY. Part 1 starts with The Progressive Era members talking to Nick Huff Barili about being on a national tour while still in High School, how Pro Era got started, who is involved and where its going. As the interview continues Nick asks Joey how he feels about Lord Finesse suing Mac Miller for using his beat on a mixtape, since Joey also used a Lord Finesse beat on his mixtape 1999. Nick also asks Joey if the lawsuit is going to prevent him from using non-original beats on other projects. As the interview progresses Joey and CJ talk about New York Hip Hop, Nas and Jay-Z comparisons and hints at having had a conversation with Hov already. Could a deal be in the works for Pro Era with Roc Nation? Mere speculation on our part but the look on Joey and CJ’s face while talking about the Jigga man is priceless.


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