Watch The Throne : Album Review

Here is my personal song by song review!

1) No Church I The Wild (feat. Frank Ocean)
wow….what a way to start the album….frank ocean sings so effortlessly,hook is dope.
hov and yeezy bodied their verses…I like how they throw the random sample in at the end…
5 mic song for sure! Shouts to 88-Keys on this beats

continue reading for the rest of my review and the overall rating I give it!

2) Lift Off (feat. Beyonce)
the first time i listened last night i wasnt a big fan….but i kinda like this now bumping it on big speakers,just sounds good,doubt i will bump it in the whip,but im not mad at it as part of the album,and how could Bey not make the album,so im not mad….if i had to rate it,i’d say its a 3.5 outta 5 for a song

3) Ni**as In Paris
beat is simple….yet crack….straight baller talk all over this record…def bumpin this in the coupe something serious! and i LOVE the Step Brother’s samples…Kanye BODIED this shit with that “whats guuci my ni##a , whats louie my killa” line too, and then the step brothers comes in,and the beat comes back,aw man,that was dope!

4) Gotta Have It
love it,beat is a dope,sounds like some timbaland shit,more baller shit,but this shit thumps!

5) New Day
2 thumbs up, i mean the beat is smooth,how do u not nod ur head to that? and then hov and yeezy talk about their son’s,who have yet to be born
but that singing part could be turned down a bit in the verses

6) That’s My Bitch
Eh…i mean at first its ok,i kinda like it,but then the chick starts to sing,and i hate that part,but then after that the beat switches and yeezy body’s it….and then i dont like it….but then hov’s verse comes in and its crazy again!

7)Welcome TO The Jungle
this shit sounds like a left over swizz beat from 01….wow, 2 thumbs down…and someone turn down swizzy’s adlibs during hov’s verse,wtf,lol….they both did their thing on the verses,but nah,this song is a no go…!

8)Who Gon Stop Me
its kinda dope,but then the beat switches up and gets kinda crazy,and then my ears start hurting and i turn it down…but then the beat breaks down,and hov kinda goes in…yea he’s going in…yea this beat is too all over the place for me,but it sounds like this shit will BANG in the clubs in the UK

9)Murder To Excellence
dope loop….could do without yeezy singing…..all black everything…they both going in,as they have been on the entire album….
and then hov killed it with the whuddup blood whuddup cuz line….another beat switch up,they did that a lot on this album

10) Made In America (feat Frank Ocean)
it’s a very nice song,but not something i will bump in the coupe

11)Why I Love You (feat Mr Hudson)
not a fan of the hook,but the verses are dope….and the beat is hard….def hear jeezy on a remix!

12) Illest MotherF**er Alive
eh,i dunno,too big and weird and different,too much shit going on…eh….i mean ofcourse they both going in,and the last verse,wow,hov muuuuuurdered it

13) Primetime
dope , but i dunno,like its dope,but kanye is going kinda crazy with the beats and switching shit up a little too much,dumb it down a little homie,i do love this line from hov though “ordered some grey goose,switched up to ciroc to give puff’s stock a boost” HA!

14)The Joy (feat Curtis Mayfield)
love it! pure hip hop at its finest….big shouts to the homie Pete Rock on this beat,I’m happy that this made the album!

15) H*A*M
no thanks,didn’t like it when it dropped,and I don’t like it now! lol….

So Over all,I would say that I like this album a lot, but I don’t love it…and my overall thought also is that it is “over produced” and has a lot of baller talk,but hey,it’s 2 ballin ass ninja’s,so how could I be mad?
but with that being said,i give it 4 outta 5 Bumpin Whips!

but honestly,that could change to a 3.5….im being nice by giving it the higher of the 2 numbers that are in my head after really listening to it,for now i’ll stick with a 4,because the songs i like,i like a lot,but it could go down to a 3.5 after living with the album for the next week…

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