Police Brutality at the Pete Rock and Smif N Wessun Album Release Party

Fuckin PIGS fucked my dude Louie up,they had 10 cops beating the shit outta him.
time for a lawsuit Kenny!

So last night we were all enjoying a lovely and peaceful evening at Tammany Hall in downtown NYC for the release of Monumental. Around 11:30pm sequrity rushed outside,when they returned they informed us that a fight broke out,outside,bottles were being thrown. About 30 minutes later the lights came on inside,and the police had shut down the party.

Continue reading to hear the rest of my story from this night and MORE footage

As I left the spot,there were 15-20 cops just posted up right outside. They were mean muggin and looked like they were ready for a riot. They all had their black gloves on,like they were just ready for something to happen so they could beat someone up.
As we stood directly across the street,a nice young woman got out of a cab,and she said to us “awww man they shut it down?”. To which we told her,yes it was. As she went across the street,a female cop put her hands on the young lady telling her to move out of the street. And that’s where the madness began. We could tell shit was about to pop off. So as the rest of my peoples got outside,we started to leave…No more than a block away,we hear it pop off…It was madness! My dude Giambi wanted to go back,but we decided not too,and good thing we didn’t,because as we left we saw ATLEAST 20 cop cars,wagons and DT’s come flying towards the scene…so long story short,the NYPD are pricks,not all of them,but most of them,its like they want to start shit to entice people to do something so that they can just beat the fuck outta you…no bueno….fuck you NYPD!

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