Kristine Elezaj “No Questions Remain” ALBUM REVIEW

Click on cover to pre-order album which drops 2maro!!!!

Now i gotta be honest,this is not the typical music I would be listening to.
BUT for the club…and anything with a female…i can definitely dig it!
Fellas,the ladies don’t always wanna listen to Uncle Murda and BCC…
so this is a nice change of pace when chillin with the ladies!
or maybe at a house party with a mixed crowd…

Continue reading for album review!!!

Now for this album review I’m not going to do a song by song breakdown like i normally would. But i was able to get my hands on a press copy of this album,and I gotta say,its DOPE! I’m not much of a dancer,or fist pumper,lol…but it just makes me wanna go to the club,party,dance and have a good time. Not sure if this is a good or fair comparison,but shes a doper version of Britney if you ask me…Fellas if you want to get your girl a cd,this is a good one! and it drops 2maro!
And my favorite song is “Boy Toy”…I have no problem being a ladies boy toy any night!

so honestly,for this type of music,i gotta give this 5 bumpin whips!

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