Album Review : “Live From The Tape Deck” Skyzoo and !llmind


So overall this album is fuckin DOPE!
Not much more to say than that.
If you like dope beats and good bars,you can not go wrong with this album

I rate my albums by how I would bump it in the whip…it lost a half a bumpin whip because of the bonus track that i didn’t love.

so i give this album 4.5 out of 5 Bumpin Whips

Continue reading to get my track by track review of this album!

1) “Digital Analog”
Beat is HARD!!! damn this shit knocks!!!
“86 Rakim with a flip cam”….Sky is nasty!
2) “Frisbees”
Beat’s dope,I mean what else can I say about an !ll beat…
Song is fuckin DOPE,verses are sick…Sky just goes in…did you catch it?
3) “The Burn Notice” (feat. Sean Price & Rock)
OMG this shit is hard…can’t go wrong with ruck and rock on a track!
“kanye of duck down,sean corey of Jamla” (Bold statement Sky…but could be true!)
4) “Speakers On Blast”
this beat is !LL…no pun intended…but shit is funky
“and now they wanna bring the 90’s back,that’s ok because that’s where they designed me at”
5) “#AllAboutThat”
Smoooooove shit
“shorty like Nia Long in Neon 9-5’s”
6) “Barrel Brothers” (feat. Torae)
Can’t go wrong with Sky and Tor going back and forth!
“big told me to go long”
7) “The Winner’s Circle”
this shit is crazy,sounds like ill went to heaven to work with Dilla on this beat!
8 ) “Krylon”
damn this guy !LL be making some fuckin different shit! his range of his beats is crazy,this is just another example of that
“Purple tops is down, purple pouches of Crown/ black leather Bibles, gold robes & gowns”
9) “Kitchen Table”
HARD! damn this shit KNOCKS!
i feel sky on this one! I’m tryin to do the same thing!
10) “Now or Never” (feat. Styles P & Buckshot)
this is my favorite joint on the album…beat,tuff,sky,tuff,and the ghost and bdi? can’t go wrong!
11) “Understanding Riley” (feat. Rhymefest)
not the biggest Rhymefest fan,but I like him on this shit! oh and ofcourse,the beat is DOPE!
12) “Langston’s Pen”
u hear him on this? geez sky can rap really good…drums are !LL on this,no pun intended again…I like the change up too
13) “Flow by Numbers” (feat. Termanology) [Bonus Track]
eh,i can say this is the one track I won’t be bumping in the whip…just don’t love it…sorry

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