Flo from Bad Girls Club on The Round Table

Part 1: Flo talks about the notoriety she’s gained for being on the Bad Girls Club, tells us what she wrote in her letter to get on the show and says that Amber is on welfare now that she’s pregnant. Flo says Kendra was “nasty” and hooks up with anyone. Flo also talks about Kendra fucking Marcus from Moesha. Says she gets MORE money than Kendra!

Shouts to Maya The B for sending this over!

Continue reading to see parts 2 and 3

Part 2: Flo tells us about what type of guys and girls she goes for. Flo also talks about the last scene she was featured in on the BGC and what really happened when they launched water balloons at her. She talks about being a Muslim, Albanian bi-sexual woman. Flo says the only person that she really liked was Porsha and how her relationship with Natalie went bad. LOL @ Flo meets Tahiry!!! “I like Big Butts and I cannot lie”

Part 3: Flo plays SMASH OR PASS!!! Passes on Nicki Minaj! Would Smash Chris Brown! Plus she sings live

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