BP3 Album Review

I wasn’t a big fan of this album when it first leaked.
After a week with it I now can give my review.

1) What We Talkin About …. DOPE…Major Bumpage in the whip.
2) Thank You… DOPE…probably the one track on the album I could have heard on BP1.
3) D.O.A….I mean who doesn’t like that one?
4) Run This Town…dope,Yeezy bodied hov on it.
6) Real As It Gets…eh,sounds like a left over Jeezy record,not too impressed.
7) On To The Next…Swizzy,DOPE,definitly grew on me,LOVE it now.
8) Off That…eh,next!
9) A Star Is Born…J.Cole, i mean it could have been better,beats kinda lame. I was looking for a dope record with Cole.,and its not.
10) Venus VS Mars….DOPE,Hov killed it,but the hook could have been better
11) Already Home…can’t front I hated this at first…definitely liking it A LOT more now.
12) Hate….HATE IT….worst beat on the album
13) Reminder…i mean i hear u jay,but we don’t need a reminder…we know,your the best,your rich…we get it.
14) So Ambitious….2nd worst beat on album…and its a bad remake of a CLASSIC beat…no bueno
15) Young Forever….3rd worst beat/record….hate this song,reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite

So Overall Hov’s BP3 gets 3.5 “Bumpin Whips”

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