Ludacris "Theater Of The Mind" Album Review

So Incase You Didn’t Know,
If Your Shit Ain’t Bumpin In The Whip,
Your Shit Ain’t Hot…
So that’s what I base my rating’s on

This album is fuckin awesome!
1. “Intro” is dope…Major Bumpage In The WHIP!
2) “Undisputed” with Floyd Mayweather talkin shit on the record….awesome
3) “Wish You Would” feat T.I. GANGSTER!!! MAJOR BUMPAGE!!!
4) “One More Drink” feat T-Pain, its the single…I aint mad at it at all…
Kinda Bumpin If im with shorty in the whip
5) “Call Up The Homies” feat The Game & Willy Northpole…Major Bumpage
6) “Southern Gangster” feat Rick Ross,Playaz Circle and Ving Rhames…MAJOR BUMPAGE…damn this shit is hot
7) “Everybody Hates Chris” feat Chris Rock…fuckin awesome….MAJOR BUMPAGE…wow,this shit might be a classic
8) “WHat Them Girls Like” feat Chris Brown and Sean Garrett…eh,i guess its probably cool at the club
9) “Nasty Girl” feat Plies…no need for Plies…otherwise its ok,could have been dope with Usher
10) “Contagious” feat Jamie Foxx…DOPE….not bumpin too much…but its dope
11) “Last Of A Dying Breed” feat Lil Wayne…WOW….MAJOR BUMPAGE
12) “MVP”……produced by Premier…fuckin dope…MAJOR BUMPAGE
13) “I Do It For Hip-Hop” feat Nas and Jay-Z….need i say more? ….Major Bumpage
14) “Do The Right Thang” feat Common and Spike Lee

This ALbum Is Fuckin DOPE! Instant CLASSIC! I give it 4.5 Bumpin Whips

shouts to FlyingRatNYC for the Bumpin Whips…peep the blog roll bitches!

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