G-Unit T.O.S. Album Review


1) “Ready Or Not” Banks and Yayo kinda go in,i aint mad,beats cool,little slow,but i’m bumpin it in the whip
2) “Casualties Of War” Dope beat,so instantly its bumpin in the whip,lets be honest,these dudes aint sayin much anyways,so a good beat goes far
3) “Let It Go” Feat Mavado…GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANgStttaaaa! BUMPIN in the WHIP 4sho
4) “Straight Outta Southside” DOPE…major bumpage in the whip,classic
5) “Party Aint Over” …i like i like,beat got me from the jump…bumpin in the whip
6) “Piano Man” its cool,but eh,i dont love it,not really bumpin in the whip,beats weird
7) “No Days Off” dope,beats hot…but im gettin sick of these multi millionaire’s talkin that gun play,u know u aint buss’n ya gun
8) “Get Down” Prod By Swizz Beatz WACK!!!!!!! YOU GET’S NO BUMPAGE IN THE WHIP…NONE!!!
9) “Money Make The World Go Round” eh,no beuno….no bumpin
10) “Rider Pt 2” dope,we all sick of it by now,but it got major bumpage 3 months ago when it came out
11) “Close To Me” Hot…beat gets me from the get go once again,next single?
12) “Kitty Kat” its cool,dont love it or hate it,sounds like a max b record
13) “I Like The Way She Do It” i like it,but eh,kinda sick of it at this point,so no bumpage
14) “T.O.S.” eh,beat doesn’t go anywhere,hook sucks….no bumpage
15) “I Don’t Wanna Talk ABout It” its cool,not much bumpage,little bumpage,I see single on this too
16) “You So Tough” hot,classic G Unit shit here,bumpin in the whip 4sho

Overall i’m gonna give this 300 out of 500 100’s
if you can’t figure the math out your dumb…..100!!!!

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