BRealTV Presents “The SmokeBox” with Dame Dash

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Love these interviews!

Jhené Aiko & 2 Chainz Visit a Psychic | Most Expensivest Shit

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What does the future hold for 2 Chainz? The rapper finds out when he pays a visit to a psychic and tarot card reader with friend and Drake collaborator Jhené Aiko

The Combat Jack Show with DJ Red Alert!



Kool DJ Red Alert’s is a fully history lesson that dates back to the early days of Kool Herc and Afrika Bambataa to the BDP Juice Crew beef to the birth of the Native Tongues to the creation of Hot 97. It’s all here. Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!

BRealTV Presents “The SmokeBox” with Melissa Etheridge

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A$AP Rocky Lecture – RBMA UK Tour London 2015

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The lyrically dexterous Harlem native A$AP Rocky discusses everything from fashion to the Mob and lifts the curtain on his new album.

Kendrick Lamar – “SUPER…”

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On The Come Up: Bishop Nehru

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The New York native takes us through his listening habits and influences, as well as the meaning of his name. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the ‘Bishop’ part is an ode to Tupac’s character in “Juice,” however the rapper also mentions the spiritual connotations associated with the word ‘Bishop.’ The second part of his name, ‘Nehru,’ might be more unexpected, as the rapper reveals he took the name from the first prime minister of India, who was in cahoots with Gandi.

Bishop also takes us back to the project that first got his name circulating, Nehruvia, and ultimately led to do a deal with his idol, Nas. He goes on to talk about his first meeting with Nas, as well as getting to meet MF Doom. We wrap things up with discussion of his newest project, a joint effort with DOOM called NehruvianDOOM, as well as what’s next for the rest of 2015.

BRealTV Presents “The Smokebox” with Raekwon

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Raekwon from the legendary group, The Wu-Tang Clan, stops by to chief up with B-Real for the second time on this weeks edition of the Smokebox. The two talk about their 20 plus year career and a new album release.

The Ladies of GGN

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This episode is dedicated to the lovely ladies that have stopped by GGN over the past few years. New episodes begin next week. U-Bitch-U!!!

Tinashe Interview with BigBoyTV

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Jamie Foxx on the GG-N-Word with Snoop Dogg

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In this first look at the upcoming full length Jamie Foxx interview, Jamie and Snoop take both a serious and light hearted look at the contemporary use of the “N-Word”. When is it ok? When is it not ok? The ongoing cultural quandary is addressed in this weeks GGN… u-funky-bitch-u!

The Combat Jack Show with Raekwon


Fly International Luxurious Arts! Raekwon walks us through his most collaborative project. 20 year veterans usually don’t embrace the new wave, the Chef explains why he did. The ‘FILA’ album is out in stores now.

2 Chainz Smokes Out of a $10,000 Bong | Most Expensivest Shit

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Happy 420…truuuuuuuuuu!

Nardwuar vs. French Montana

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“Rhythm Roulette” Filthy Rockwell ft. Boldy James

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After putting on the ceremonial blindfold, Filthy randomly selected Lani Hall’s Albany Park, Michael Quatro’s In Collaboration With The Gods, and Barry White’s Greatest Hits: Volume Two. Once we arrived at his studio, he got right to work and began crafting a joint from the Michael Quatro record. Boldy James actually stopped by right after Filthy laid down the beat, and fucked with what he heard so much, that he recorded a verse on the spot


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