BRealTV Presents “The SmokeBox” with Too $hort

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Legendary rapper, Too $hort steps into the Smokebox with B-Real to discuss influences, longevity, the evolution of hip-hop and it’s culture, The Notorious BIG, Snoop Dogg, his upcoming album, evolution of marijuana, & much more while enjoying Dr. Greenthumb’s private stash with the phuncky feel tips!

Money & Violence cast interview with Hot97 AM Show & 105.1

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Everyone is lovin this show, if you haven’t peeped it, check it out on YouTube.

continue reading for 105.1’s interview with the crew!

Nitty Scott interview with Hot97 AM Show

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Dope interview with Nitty where she opens up about showing more skin to the world…ladies def watch this one!

The Combat Jack Show with J. Cole


J. Cole details the inspiration behind ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’, his battle with expectations, wanting to sign Kendrick Lamar when they first met and his thoughts regarding the shots-ridden “Control” verse. Cole also talks the hip hop culture shift that inspired “Fire Squad”, consciously staying out of Drake’s lane while creating his own, what happened that eventful night with Diddy, visiting Ferguson, his new outlook on life and how he became a voice of his generation.

continue reading for some visual’s of some of the interview

Action Bronson interview with Sway In The Morning

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Action Bronson joins the Sway In The Morning studios to fill us in on his recent Twitter beefs, thoughts on thick women and sampling classics on “Mr. Wonderful.”

Alchemist – Once Upon A Rhyme

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Following his appearance in “The Smokebox” with B-Real & Action Bronson, legendary producer, The Alchemist reveals to BREALTV which song oh his put too him to a higher plateau.


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Dropping his debut album B4.DA.$$ on his 20th birthday, the young Brooklyn legend Joey Bada$$ joins the Sway In The Morning studios to share knowledge on the situation with Malia Obama and how he responds to the media.

BRealTV Presents “The Smokebox” with Big Gipp

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B-Real is joined by Big Gipp from Goodie Mobb. The Dungeon Family member chiefs up with Dr. Greenthumb and discuss Atlanta’s hip-hop scene, how Goodie Mobb was formed, longevity, LA Reid, & much more!

Action Bronson Interview at The Breakfast Club

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Smif-N-Wessun And Da Beatminerz On Making “Bucktown”

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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Smif-N-Wessun’s “Da Shinin”

If you’re not busy 2nite you can check out Tek N Steele at SOB’s to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this LEGENDARY album!

Over/Under with Ghostface Killah

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Ghostface Killah talks about if foot massages, the NYPD, Bill Cosby and more are overrated or underrated.

Uncle Murda Interview on Hot97 with Ebro, Rosenberg and Laura

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Unc visits Hot to talk about a few things, mainly all the controversy over the “Hands Up” video.

Nardwuar vs. Andy Milonakis

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Rihanna Song Scandal Exposed!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 4.32.11 PM


BRealTV’s “The SmokeBox” with Action Bronson & The Alchemist

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In this edition of ‘The Smokebox’, B-Real links up with Action Bronson & The Alchemist. The trio discuss hip-hop, professional wrestling, hockey stories, “Fuck, That’s Delicious”, “Mr. Wonderful”, best strains & much much all while smoking california’s finest green!


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