Big Fendi Discusses Nicki Minaj

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Lil Kim Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

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This should be interesting…lol

“Getting Doug with High” featuring Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong

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Mila J interview with Hot97

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Jhene Aiko’s sister stopped by Hot for a lil interview!


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- The type of student he was at school (0:17)
– Jobs he had as a teenager growing up (0:32)
– His 1st big paycheck (1:02)
– What he thinks he were in a previous lifetime (1:46)
– His favorite cartoon character (2:08)
– His favorite video games (2:36)
– The realest shxt he ever wrote (2:55)
– TUPAC Conspiracy Theories (4:14)
– The Uniqueness of NATE DOGG (4:45)
– CHILDISH GAMBINO throwing shots at him (5:50)
– The most romantic thing he’s ever done (6:14)
– The true definition of a “G” (7:19)
– His message to the youth (7:58)

G-Unit on Snoop Dogg’s “GGN”

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Cabbie Presents : Action Bronson

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Action Bronson is a New York bred hip hop artist with a flair for sports references in his rhymes. His growing popularity got him a cameo in Derek Jeter’s “tip of the cap” Brand Jordan commercial. In this conversation in Cabbie Presents, they discuss Bronson’s friendship with Kevin Love, his jumpshot, Mike Napoli’s beard, obscure sports references and Jeter’s commercial.

Dan The Man Pro Interview at PNC Radio on The Pre Game Show (Part 2)

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Here’s part 2 of Dan’s interview with Vega and Jenn!

Click HERE to download Dan The Man Pro’s “Instrumental” (Album)

continue reading if you missed part 1!

Jhene Aiko interview with HardKnockTV

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Exclusive in-depth interview with Jhene Aiko. In part 2 Jhene talks to Nick Huff Barili about the cathartic release of recording and performing her new album Souled Out, which deals with such personal matters as heartbreak and the passing of her brother from cancer. Jhene states that connecting with people is what makes things bearable stating: “It just makes for an easier existence. I’ve never been afraid to just talk about what I’m going through and be honest…When I complete the song that means that I have an understanding of whatever it is I’m talking about in that that song whether it be about heartbreak or a life lesson or whatever. The fact that I was able to turn it into a song for me, that’s when I’m over it or I feel good about it.” Jhene states that reading books by Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh and getting lost in movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind help her deal with heartbreak. As the interview continues Jhene lets us into her writing process, inspirations and working in the studio with her daughter Namiko for her new album. In particular Jhene walks us through the making of two stand out tracks from Souled Out: Promises and W.A.Y.S.. Jhene gives us insight as to how a tweet from her brother Miyagi, which stated “Why Aren’t You Smiling?” inspired the song. Part 2 of our interview with Jhene ends with her describing how everyone’s favorite mentor No ID helped shape the sound of Souled Out. Stay tuned Friday for our final segment with Jhene Aiko.

Alicia Keys Interview with Angie Martinez Power 105.1

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Bishop Nehru interview with Ebro and Rosenberg

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B-RealTV presents “The SmokeBox” with Margaret Cho

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DJ Babu “Rhythm Roulette”

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Dan The Man Pro Interview at PNC Radio on “The Pre Game Show” with Vega Benetton & Jenn Moise (Part1)

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Few weeks back Dan The Man Pro dropped his “INSTRUMENTAL” Album, along with the release he stopped by PNC Radio to do an interview with Vega and Jenn on the Pre Game Show!

(shakey camera footage by yours truly…lol)


Jermaine Dupri on Juan Epstein


JD came by to talk about a new dope artist he has named Royce Rizzy who you can peep right here. However, the bulk of this 75 minute Juan Ep is spent discussing the amazing career of JD. We start out discussing his role as a kid on the Fresh Fest tour, continue through the formation of Kriss Kross, stories of how he had TLC before they were on LaFace, Biggie and Da Brat talk, and much much more. Great guy. Great episode.


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