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This Week In Unnecessary Censorship

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It’s time to bleep and blur moments from the week whether they need it or not. This week we feature Bill Belichik, Rob Gronkowski, President Obama and more. #UnnecessaryCensorship

Jimmy Kimmel : Fake Cold Pressed Juice – jüce

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Jimmy thinks it’s crazy that people have been paying $8 a bottle for cold-pressed juice, which is supposed to be better for you. So we decided to invent our own juice company and went to the Farmer’s Market to see what people thought of our “cold pressed juice.” However we didn’t tell them until after they’d had some that the juices were made with Fun Dip, Tang, Creamsicles and Skittles.

GTA 5: Big Payback! (itsreal85vids)

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I love these dudes voice over videos! This one isn’t overly hilarious, but I love their voices…lol.

Uncensored Cartoons Episode 3! (By ItsReal85)

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A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL “NFL 2015″

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President Obama #ThugLife Meme Are Taking Over the Internet

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lmao!!!’ve never seen #ThugLife videos???!!!


Picking Up Girls on Mushrooms

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Stereotypes: Super Bowl Party

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I def know a few of these dudes! lol

Lie Witness News – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Edition

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In honor of Martin Luther King Day, we went out on the street and asked 14 people if they saw the speech Dr. King gave that morning. Seven of them said they had. We present to you perhaps the most disturbing edition ever of #LieWitnessNews.

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

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It’s time to bleep and blur moments from the week whether they need it or not. This week we feature Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Naya Rivera, The Bachelor, Geraldo Rivera and more. #UnnecessaryCensorship

Mean Tweets – CFP Edition

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If you know Jimmy Kimmel Live you’re probably familiar with Mean Tweets, where celebrities are forced to read all the terrible things people write about them aloud. But when it comes to mean comments, no fans compare to sports fans so we asked some of our favorite college football broadcasters and coaches to open themselves up to the horrors of the internet. This is a special College Football Playoff Championship Edition of Mean Tweets as seen on ESPN before the Ohio State vs. Oregon game featuring Desmond Howard, Rece Davis, Mark May, Lou Holtz, Mark Helfrich, Heather Cox, Brady Hoke, Tim Tebow, Brian Kelly, Jesse Palmer, Jimbo Fisher, Chris Fowler, Scott Van Pelt, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit.

Pot Quiz – Venice Boardwalk Edition

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Colorado just launched an ad campaign for pot education. Pot and education aren’t a great mix. To prove it we sent a camera crew to Venice Beach, which is probably the marijuana mecca of LA, to find out what pot smokers know and don’t. #PotQuiz

Jewy Claus sends a message to all the naughty kids in NYC

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NBA Uncensored Trash Talk Ep. 18

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Carmelo Anthony Doesn’t Pass Anything!

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