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Mean Tweets Live

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For an entire week of shows we invited celebrities to read the terrible things people tweet about them live in front of our studio audience. This is the live edition of #MeanTweets featuring Jeff Bridges, Kristen Bell, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Bette Midler, Liam Neeson, Emily Blunt, Salma Hayek, Andrew Garfield, Jack Black, Halle Berry, Tobey Maguire, Naomi Watts and George Clooney.


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Movie Phone Super Call

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Grandparents Get High and Listen to Trap Music

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First Look: Apple’s New iPhone 6S

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LMAO!!! Sheeple are so dumb! #TeamAndroidForLife

If there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that Apple fans always go crazy for the new iPhone. But we have a feeling most people don’t really notice the design changes – they just love the new iPhone because it’s the new iPhone. So as an experiment, we dug an original iPhone from 2007 out of a drawer, handed it to people on the street, and told them it was Apple’s newly unveiled iPhone 6S to see what they’d say.

What Happens When Scientists Install A Mirror In The Hoodest Part Of The Jungle? (Spoof)

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I love these guys voice overs..way too short…but…lmao!

“FIRST REPUBLICAN DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: 2015” — A Bad Lip Reading of The Republican Debate

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10 Hours of Walking Dead in LA as a Zombie

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We hope to shed light on a very important issue facing zombies today: street harassment. Help us put an end to this.

Ever Wake Up With 11 Twizzlers In Your Mouth? LMAO!

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Birdman VS Lil Wayne featuring Bill Cosby

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Lil Wayne is performing and enjoying his life after Cash Money but Birdman isn’t too happy about that.


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Lie Witness News – 4th of July Edition

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Independence Day isn’t really about fireworks, it’s a day to remember the history of our country. So we went out on the street with a truckload of misinformation about our country. Among other things, we asked people if they heard the Governor of California had rescheduled the Fourth of July to February and sure enough, lots of people said they did for this special All-American version of #LieWitnessNews.

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

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Once again, we’ve bleeped and blurred all the week’s big TV moments whether they need it or not. This week we feature President Obama, Halle Berry, Chris Christie, Donald Trump and more. #UnnecessaryCensorship

Internet Slang Explained By Dan Rather

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Ras Trent

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Shouts to Bloggy Brown for this one!


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