The Breakfast Club breaks down the Meek Mill vs Wale tweef!

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Yes, tweef…cause they are beefing on twitter! And I kinda agree with them on this, Meek should have spoken to Wale directly, don’t go off on social media…But, like CTG said, if you go off on someone like Meek did, it probably means he’s always thought Wale was corny…And I have always felt Meek felt that way about Wale!

Meek Mill Calls Out Wale: Is There Trouble in the MMG Camp?

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Iggy Azalea responds to Nicki Minaj

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Dizaster Punched Math Hoffa in the Face During a Rap Battle

Picture 1-15

Dizaster said, “Fucking waste of life. I should punch you in the fucking face right now.” After some back-and-forth, he swung on Hoffa!

Funkmaster Flex ETHERS Dame Dash Over His “Culture Vulture Rants” On Hot 97

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Flex damn sure keepin it 100 here…ouch!

JR Writer Freestyle From Jail (Cam’ron x Jim Jones x Dame Dash Diss)

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Here’s a phone call freestyle where JR he has a few words for Cam, Jimmy and Dame.

“Do he still fuck with Cam? Do he still fuck with Jim?/If niggas turned their back on you, would you still fuck with them?”

“How Dame putting together the Dips with no Writer/That’s like putting together a script with no writer”


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Yesterday the world went crazy over the footage, but here is the FULL footage…nothing really crazy, just longer…Damn I WISH there was Audio, cause Solange definitely seems like she has A LOT to say!

Jay Z ATTACKED by Beyonce’s Sister Solange!

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So it looks like Solange attacked Jay Z in an elevator after the Met Gala. In the video obtained by TMZ, Jay, Solange, and Beyoncé are in the elevator along with Hov and Bey’s security guard at the Standard Hotel in NYC. In the video, Solange begins kicking and hitting Jay repeatedly, while he backs up towards one side of the elevator. And Beyonce just stands there and watches it all go down. Damn I wish there was some audio with this footage!

After leaving the Met Gala after party, TMZ reports that Jay went solo in one limo, and Beyoncé and Solange in the other.

If I was guessing, this picture below looks like the shit just went down,Solange looks pissed, Jay and Bey’s security guard is in between them all, Bey’s face clearly says “you dumb bitch” as she’s looking towards Solange, and Hov looks cool as always.

G Count “Chi-Raq” Freestyle (The Game Diss)

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Damn he went in on The Game!

Girl gets hit with shovel during fight (Response/Reaction)

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Here is the video, with a little WWE flare added to it…lmao!

Future x Drake x Juicy J “Sh*t (Remix)” (Kendrick Diss)

So supposedly Drake is talkin to Kendrick on this. I just wish these rappers would stop with the lame subliminals and say names…stop trying to be cool…only Hov can get away with that!

Cell phone footage Of Math Hoffa’s Sucker Punch on Serius Jones!

Yea that was a sucker punch…but daaaaaaaaaamn!
Jones looked like he caught a bad one!

Cassidy “Catch A Body” (Meek Mill Diss)

Eh…this “beef” is so lame.

Petro this one’s for you!

Meek Mill “Ooh Kill ‘Em” (Kendrick Lamar Response)


not impressed…2 thumbs down

Star and Charlie Clips Argument!

Nice little argument! lol

STAR the “Objective Hater” and CEO of Battle Rap Media took issue with the Charlie’s way of handling business and called him out as a snitch. Although this conversation got heated at times the two remain friends and hopefully it will help the culture (battle rap) grow.

Badminton Beef!!!

What could he have done to warrant this beating? That first punch sounded like he hit him with a 2×4! lmao!!!

Nicki Minaj vs Rosenberg Face to Face!!

Nicki and Rosenberg sit down with Ebro to iron things out for the first time since last years Summer Jam “situation”.

After watching this, I defintely want to hear a rap album from this chick…I think her shit would be hard if she just made a rap album…I mean she did BODY Hov, Ross and Yeezy on that Monster record…just sayin…

The Realness : The Reality TV Beef Got Real

Seems like Miss Yee has a stick up her ass!

Rosenberg Kicks The Realness About A Confrontation With Angela Yee.

Ohio Valley Mall Security VS People Taking Pictures

Bikers rule!!!

“This Ohio Valley Mall “Security Officer” tries to get people to stop taking pictures and leave the property. When they don’t listen to her request, she starts making threats about “pressing charges” and taking their cameras away. She then goes a step further and attacks one of the people, ending up on the ground.”

Bloggy Brown!

Rihanna says JR Smith is thirsty and the Knicks are WACK

So JR goes to Greenhouse, which is a popular night club in NYC, trys to pick up Riri, but gets shut down…So this girl on Instagram must have said something to Riri that made her flip, we just don’t know exactly what she said to piss of Riri, but from the looks of it, it seems as if the girl blamed Riri for the way JR and the Knicks have been performing since his thirsty ass went to the club and got shut down! smh

Treach “Tall Midget” (Vin Rock Diss)

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 11.36.28 AM
Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 11.36.35 AM

I could careless about this “beef”…but It’s something I HAD to report…damn shame….shouts to Dirty Jersey!

Charlamagne Tha God GOES IN ON Mr Cee For Donkey Of The Day

LMAO!!! aka the Nasty African…lmao…yo Charlamagne is a fool!

Twelve Year Old Stands Up To Motorcycle Cop Who Parks On Sidewalk To Buy A Soda!

Damn Cops are dicks to little white kids too…smh.

The Realness : Did Ray J Violate?!

HOT97 speaks to Ray J about his corny new song.


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